10Web Booster Review: Boost Traffic With 90+ Pagespeed Scores

Several positive outcomes result from a speedier WordPress site, including higher search engine ranks and satisfied users. On the other hand, speeding up a WordPress site isn’t always a breeze. The 10Web Booster is only one of the many tools available to help increase a website’s speed and efficiency.

10Web Booster provides in-depth diagnostic tools to determine what is dragging down your site’s performance on both the front and back ends. The elements of the 10Web Booster that can help your site are discussed in this review, as are its benefits and drawbacks.

How Is 10Web Booster Different From Caching Plugins?

Caching plugins speed up a website by cleaning the site’s cache, conducting HTML minification, caching files, compressing cached pages, etc. These plugins are hosted entirely within the WordPress infrastructure and do not require external servers.

In addition to being a plugin, 10Web Booster utilizes several fronts- and backend optimization strategies to accelerate a website swiftly. Instead of relying just on WordPress’s built-in optimization features, you should hire an outside firm (10Web) to execute these strategies. Additionally, you can save more using 10Web Coupons on all plans for lifetime.

10Web Booster Review

With its simple setup and management, 10Web Booster is an excellent plugin for automating performance enhancement. It’s fantastic for WordPress sites of all types and successfully optimizes both traditional and mobile versions.

10web booster

The free edition can optimize your website’s front page and up to five internal pages.

Unlimited page optimization is available with the premium plan. In addition, the 10Web booster plugin has four distinct optimization modes (Standard, Balanced, Strong, and Extreme) and is intended to be simple.

Optimization In 10Web Booster

Standard Mode:

  • HTML and CSS compression and minification
  • JS compression and minification
  • Page cache
  • Image lazy load and image optimization
  • Font swap
  • Image conversion to WebP format
  • Video and iframe lazy load
  • Container-specific image resizing

Balanced Mode:

  • Everything from Standard mode + to critical CSS generation

Strong Mode:

  • Everything from Standard mode + to all JS delay

Extreme Mode:

Everything from Standard mode + all JS delay + critical CSS generation

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How To Use 10 Web Booster to Boost Your Website’s Performance?

You’ll be sent directly to the main page when you’ve finished installing the 10Web Website Booster plugin from the WordPress.org repository. There, you’ll find instructions on integrating your site with 10Web.

Users will be placed on the Free Optimizer Plan immediately following registration, at which point the frontend optimization process will begin. Users on this plan can build up to ten sites, each with a maximum of five internal pages and have them optimized.

The General section of your 10Web dashboard displays your site’s current optimization level.

10web booster Optimization

10Web Booster Free vs Pro

In addition to the free version, 10Web Booster has a paid “pro” edition. Up to 10 website front and 5 internal pages can be optimized with the 10Web Booster plugin at no cost. The free bundle includes caching with an excellent cache hit ratio, enhancements to Core Web Vitals, and a PageSpeed score of 90+.

With 10Web’s AI-Powered WordPress platform and Booster pro, you can enjoy various hosting and backend optimization benefits. Features such as a TTFB of less than 200ms, access to the Google Cloud Premium Tier Network, the most recent releases of PHP and MySQL, etc., are just a few of these advantages. In addition, users of 10Web Booster Pro get these perks at no additional cost.

Users of The 10Web Booster Pro have access to various website platform tools, such as an artificial intelligence (AI) website builder and assistant, continuous backups, private labelling, malware scanning and removal, and a drag-and-drop editor based on the popular Elementor, and over 50 widgets.

It’s important to remember that using 10Web Booster in conjunction with any other speed-optimizing plugin is not advised. Plugins such as WP Rocket, WP Speed of Light, and Shortpixel AI for optimizing images, as well as Swift Performance, Asset CleanUp, etc., are all examples of caching plugins.

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Pros & Cons of 10Web Booster

  • Simple to manage and install
  • Works on any hosting
  • Available 24/7 live chat
  • Offers a 90+ PageSpeed score guarantee and improved Core Web Vitals
  • No traffic restrictions
  • Optimization of frontend and backend
  • 10Web Booster Pro includes all 10Web platform features
  • The free plan limits users to a homepage + 5 inner pages. However, there are no traffic limitations
  • Backend optimization works only on 10Web hosting
  • Due to either functional or technical overlaps, this tool is not compatible with certain plugins.

Conclusion: What We Think of 10Web Booster

To boost website speed, users can install a plugin called 10Web Booster. The plugin’s premium version, 10Web Booster Pro, adds functionality beyond just increasing page load times. Once a website is moved to the 10Web hosting platform, it will get a PageSpeed score of 90 or above on mobile and desktop devices.

10Web allows users to enhance a website’s performance in both the front- and backend. The software optimizes web pages automatically, making them among the quickest to load. Because of this, your site’s SEO, conversion rate, and user engagement will improve.

However, I’ve run into a few snags while using it, such as the fact that the Image Optimizer doesn’t seem ever to finish optimizing after I click the “Optimize Now” button (it starts, but it never completes) and the Hosting Performance tab indicating that sites use version 7.4 even though the PHP version set in the 10Web platform is 8.

While testing 10Web Booster Pro, I got speeds greater than those I achieved with WP Rocket, Asset Cleanup, and ShortPixel AI combined (though this combo was slightly better regarding speed results).

If you want to ensure the plugin meets your needs and expectations, I strongly suggest trying it.

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