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10Web Booster – Website speed optimization & Page Speed optimizer WordPress Plugin. If you want to boost the performance of your WordPress site, go no further than 10Web Booster, the best WordPress performance plugin on the market. 10Web Booster wants you to focus on the creative parts of your site while we handle the technical details.

A PageSpeed score of 90 or higher means passing Core Web Vitals with flying colours. Improve your Google page rank, boost your conversion rate, and expand your business.

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In search of a WordPress page speed plugin that would instantly enhance your site’s loading time? Fortunately, your search ends here with a 10Web Booster Review. Your website’s user experience, search engine optimization, engagement, and conversion rates will all see notable improvements with the help of their WordPress performance plugin.

10Web Booster may be used with desktop and mobile versions of even the most complicated websites. Use the best WordPress speed plugin available to optimize your pages, try out all the different modes we provide, and get satisfying results.

Here’s a rundown of all the great features included with your 10Web Booster subscription.

  • Automated 90+ PageSpeed
  • Optimized Core Web Vitals
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Up to 7% boost in conversions
  • Up to 40% boost in visitor engagement
  • Up to 53% mobile traffic engagement boost

How 10Web Optimize your website?

Compressing and shrinking CSS and HTML

Merging and minifying CSS and HTML can reduce the file size by a few bytes. This is important because page load times might be impacted negatively by the presence of larger files.

Reduce and condense JS

There is a standard practice of compressing algorithmically lengthy JS programmes. Crunching JS code or removing unnecessary whitespace and comments speeds up WordPress by decreasing the time spent downloading JavaScript.

Image Optimization

Image optimization relies on compressing images to reduce their size while keeping their quality as high as possible. The image optimizations on 10Web do all that and more.

Defer JS & CSS Execution

To have content that is immediately accessible when a user accesses your website, you must optimize file load by prioritizing essential CSS and deferring JavaScript. The finest WordPress speed plugin, 10Web booster, guarantees a score of 90 or higher by doing just this.

Critical CSS

Full CSS file downloads slow down your WordPress site. Initial page loads only include the stylesheets necessary to render the page’s visible content correctly; further stylesheets are only loaded as needed. Crucial CSS does not impede website rendering and helps pass Core Web Vitals.

Image Lazy Load

To increase WordPress speed, you need to respect the attention span of your site visitors. It’s possible by using picture lazy loading and executing only necessary data in the first few seconds. Keeping page load times to a minimum can reduce your bounce rate and increase user satisfaction.

Font Swap

  • Successfully passing Google’s Core Web Vitals test may be aided by minimizing and optimizing web font loads.
  • For the following reason, and because every millisecond counts in this cutthroat industry, your material will be displayed in a generic typeface while we arrange for your preferred font to be installed.

Automatic Conversion to WebP

  • Compression studies of WebP show that, on average, an image saved in WebP is 25-34% lower in size than the same saved in JPEG.
  • To put it another way, the size of this Image is 26% less than what it would be in PNG.
  • It seems to reason that this change would have a significant impact on and increase WordPress’s speed.

Lazy loading for iframes and videos

  • A wide variety of content on your website, from photographs to video advertisements, is hidden unless the consumer scrolls down.
  • When a user isn’t scrolling, they shouldn’t have to download a lot of data.
  • This idea is represented by 10Web Booster, as visitors should never have to suffer through a sluggish website for no apparent reason.

Automatic Image resizing

Instead of using a huge image when the viewer wants a thumbnail, you may use a container-specific image using 10Web Booster.

Different Settings to Maximize Performance

Once the process of optimizing your homepage automatically begins, we will try all four of the available options. As a result, we evaluate the outcomes and, as expected, make the option that received the greatest score while keeping your website functional the default.

The Custom rules tab in your dashboard provides access to these four modes and allows you to manage them independently for each page.

  • Standard Mode: – Uses different standard speed optimization techniques.
  • Balanced Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + Critical CSS
  • Strong Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + JS Delay.
  • Extreme Mode: – All optimization techniques in Balanced Mode + JS Delay. It may cause issues in some cases.

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