5 Best Web Hosting Providers in India

In 2023, these will be the top web hosts in India in terms of speed, reliability, and price. Do you intend to launch a web-based enterprise of your own? I think that’s fantastic! To begin, you’ll need a website hosted by a reputable web hosting service.

That is to say; there is more to creating a successful website for a company than just securing a domain name. In addition, you need to pick a web server that can easily accommodate tens of thousands of visitors daily.

Many companies in India, catering to a wide range of budgets and needs, offer website hosting services. However, it might be difficult and time-consuming to find the best Indian hosting service. Therefore, we have saved you time and effort by conducting our analysis and testing to compile a list of India’s top 5 hosting services for 2023. But before we dive into the details of the list, it’s vital to discuss why a reliable host is crucial for a website.

Just how crucial is it to have a reliable host?

A web host is a company that provides the technological infrastructure necessary to house and serve websites. All visitors to your site request your server, and your web host responds by sending the required files to the visitor’s computer. The following are some of the website-related services that a professional and reliable web host can provide for your online business:

  • Your website’s performance and traffic will both benefit from increased speed.
  • To ensure that your users have access to your site whenever they want, wherever they are, your website must have a very high level of availability.
  • There is always someone available to answer your questions or address your concerns, whether they are technical or otherwise.
  • Affordable costs mean you won’t have to spend a fortune on web hosting and other associated costs.

Considering these considerations, I’ll list India’s top 5 hosting companies. Based on these factors, we selected the top India-based hosting companies.

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Cost

Here are some of the best web hosts currently providing hosting-related services in India.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting service provider with operations in India and beyond. The provider’s fast speeds, low prices, and helpful customer service have made them popular.

Just a few of its main points are as follows:

  • Speed: 176 ms (internationally) / 99 ms (domestically) (India)
  • On average, a page takes 0.55 seconds to load.
  • The server is available 99.9 percent of the time.
  • Its primary selling points are its free 20 GB of storage space, free domains, unlimited bandwidth, LiteSpeed cache for quick content delivery, connection with Cloudflare’s CDN, and GitHub.
  • The best customer service is personal, immediate, and provided in the customer’s native tongue.
  • Plans start at Rs. 59/- per month

Pros and cons:

  • Free domain name on every annual plan
  • Consistent speeds across all international areas.
  • Free access to Zyro tool for website building.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Website backups are included only in advanced plans.
  • Lack of advanced hosting features.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost, which has been around since 2003, is a household name among web admins everywhere. Many well-known Indian companies now choose this web host as their go-to option. Bluehost’s data centers are all located in India, which is not the case for competing platforms. Explore Bluehost Coupon

Here are some of its key points:

  • Average speed: 154 ms (globally), 330 ms (India)
  • Average page loading time: 0.98 seconds
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Key features: 50 GB SSD space, unlimited data transfer, 1 free domain, free Office 365 mailbox for 30 days, spam protection, and SSL certificates.
  • Customer support: Poor and unreliable in India.
  • Pricing: On the expensive side, ranging from Rs. 199/- to 366/- per month.

Pros and cons:

  • Offers both Windows and Linux hosting.
  • Good and consistent network coverage across the globe.
  • Fastest website speed in India – among its competitors.
  • A popular choice among bloggers and affiliate marketers.
  • Easy customization and scalability.
  • Under-par customer support.
  • Expensive plans.

3. HostGator

HostGator, now a Fortune 500 company, was founded in a Florida Atlantic University dorm room but has since expanded worldwide. It has rapidly expanded to become a market leader in the hosting industry, with services including shared resellers, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers (DS). Explore Hostgator Coupon

Here are some key points: 

  • Average speed:  857 ms (average)
  • Average page loading time:  1.03 seconds
  • Uptime: 99.93%
  • Key features: 1-click WordPress installer, free SSL certificate, easily accessible cPanel dashboard to manage hosting services, unlimited email ids.
  • Customer support: 24*7 in-house support 
  • Pricing: Affordable price ranges from Rs. 399/- to Rs. 749/-.

 Pros and cons:

  • Free migration services to all the new accounts
  • Generous 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Has flexible billing periods with more discount options
  • Monthly pricing is quite high compared to other hosting services
  • Need to review additional services and aggressive upselling

4. MilesWeb

MilesWeb, headquartered in India, is an excellent and trustworthy web host for beginners and established online stores. Accessible on both Microsoft Windows and Linux, MilesWeb is hosted in data centers across the globe, including in India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This platform has various hosting types, from dedicated servers to shared hosting and virtual private servers.

Here are some of its key points:

  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Key features: Unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certification, firewall protection for hosted websites, and eCommerce-specific functionalities.
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support.
  • Pricing: Multiple plans priced from Rs. 40/- to 170/- per month.

Pros and cons:

  • Complete range of web hosting solutions.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Configured for WordPress websites.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Expensive to renew.
  • Unlimited websites are offered only on advanced plans.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost is a scalable, WordPress-optimized hosting service that lets customers effortlessly administer WordPress websites using the platform’s intuitive interface and one-click updates, caching, and daily backups.

Here are some key points: 

  • Average speed:  1180 ms (average)
  • Average page loading time:  2.35 seconds
  • Uptime: 99.62%
  • Key features: 30 GB HDD space, unlimited domain names, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, 1-click install for apps like WordPress, over 750,000 WordPress installations 
  • Customer support: 24*7 in-house support 
  • Pricing: Affordable price range starting from Rs. 190/-.

 Pros and cons:

  • Guarantee of a 97-day money-back
  • Unlimited data storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited sites that can be hosted on the same account
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Call-backs from support staff cost extra on some mentioned plans
  • Some of the hosting features within the dashboard might cost extra

How do we rate the best Hosting Provider in India?

  • Budget-Friendly: The good news is that plenty of low-cost hosting services offer all the functionality you need without breaking the bank. I was trying to find alternate ways to meet my needs without breaking the bank.
  • Up-time: Hosting provider effectiveness can be gauged by their uptime. Having a website that is live and accessible at all times is crucial. Thus an up-time of over 99% is excellent.
  • Speed: A fast website is crucial to attracting visitors and keeping them there. As an added bonus, it maintains high levels of user interest in the site.
  • Extra features provided: Email services, site monitoring, caching, unlimited bandwidth, etc. are just some of the extras that you may find offered by your host. Keep an eye out for the functions you need and select a host that offers them.
  • User ratings: Because it’s one thing to say you have an uptime of over 99% and quite another to achieve that goal, user reviews are crucial. If you want to make a wise decision, read the testimonials first.


Overall, we found these 5 web hosting providers in India to be the best. But to what platform does the greatest web host belong? It’s hard to say because each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

Choose a web host that works well for your site and your business. Hosting services like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and SiteGround are recommended for those located in India because of their lightning-fast server response times and speeds.

Another factor to consider is whether you want a web host based in your region (like HostingRaja or BigRock) or somewhere else (like Hostinger or Bluehost). Depending on your anticipated volume of incoming traffic, a global brand may be the best option, as they typically have a larger client base and more stable network speeds no matter where they’re located. Similarly, if you’re solely interested in selling to people in your country, then local companies like GoDaddy India or BigRock are your best bet in terms of price.

Finally, what are your thoughts after reading our in-depth analyses of these 10 web hosting providers? What company will you choose to host your website, if any? Is there a particular brand you’d recommend based on your personal experience? Do tell us about it!

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