5 Reasons To Get An Indie Dog

In case you weren’t aware, a staggering 62 million dogs in India live in shelters without owners or families. Discrimination against Indie dogs prevents them from finding a good home and supports an illegal and unethical breeding industry.

People who have adopted Indian dogs will tell you that they are just as committed to and satisfied by their relationships with their “desi babies” as anyone with a dog. This may be due to a variety of subjective factors.

Here are five reasons why you should change your mind if you’re on the fence about adopting an Indie dog—whether it’s your first, second, or nth dog.

1. Wonderful Friends

Great Companions

When it comes to love, it doesn’t matter what species you come from. Dogs of the independent breed variety can be as lovable and delightful as dogs of any other variety.

An Indie dog can become a lifetime companion with the right human ready to put in the extra effort and provide the necessary support.

2. Ensuring safety and fidelity

When it comes to their packs and families, indy dogs will do all in their power to defend them. In addition to being excellent family pets, Indie dogs also make fantastic security dogs due to their acute awareness of danger and strong protective nature. Due to their protective nature and graceful build, some special task forces of the Indian police have been known to enlist the help of Indie dogs.

3. Resilient & Adaptable

Adaptable Dogs

The independent dog has evolved to have a hard body. Because of this, they are hardy and at lower risk of developing health problems than other purebred dogs.

Because of their origins in India, most Indie dogs have short coat that is simple to maintain. Your decision to acquire an independent dog can be a boon if you provide it with a healthy diet, timely vaccinations, and frequent exercise.

Tip: Although Indie dogs’ sturdy build ensures low maintenance, it’s always good to book regular checkups with your vet to understand their health history or special needs, if any. 

4. Strongly Communicative

Independent breed dogs tend to be both bright and talkative. Once they have been properly socialised, they can get along OK with other dogs. There is never a dull moment when you’re around them because they are expressive.

Like any other breed, indie dogs have certain training needs that should not be ignored if you want them to flourish in your family. However, because of their open and expressive personalities, indie dogs are simple to train and provide feedback on training success through subtle shifts in their behaviour.

5. Spread Kindness

Prejudice based on a person’s breed exists. Indie and pedigree dogs fall victim to this because of human abuse and unethical breeding techniques. As a result, approximately 80 million cats and dogs live on the streets in India.

Of these, about 8.8 million live in shelters, 9.1 million are homeless cats, and 62 million are homeless dogs. So if you decide to adopt a stray dog instead of buying one, you’ll be doing a good deed for animals in need and contributing to a positive shift in the pet parenting landscape.

In the grand scheme, adopting an Indie dog or a street dog benefits more than just you. Your adoption decision will always have an impact.

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