5 Sarees To Buy For Karva Chauth

Now that the holiday season has returned, everyone is excitedly anticipating the opportunity to break out of their best red attire. If you’re a married woman or someone looking for a long-term partner, you should celebrate Karva Chauth. Over the years, several Bollywood films have romanticized the auspicious custom of fasting, and more recently, the glitterati has been actively promoting their Karva Chauth looks and celebrations on social media.

The Karva Chauth celebration is intriguing to me. Many tiny things, like trying to catch a peek of the moon while simultaneously wanting to devour the delicious feast, make the event very cute. Spending the day fasting and praying for one’s partner’s longevity is a joyous ritual, just as sharing private moments with one’s relationship is valuable.

Karwa Chauth’s Designated Colors

Did the colour red almost cross your mind? I’m sure that all wear red sarees, lehenga cholis, Anarkalis, Kurtis, red shararas, and every other traditional Indian dress style on Karva Chauth of it.

We cherish continuing the tradition of wearing red, but we also think it’s essential to expand the colour palette of the Karwa Chauth 2022 celebration to include pink, maroon, and shades. So, are you planning to wear your best attire for the day and participate in the lovely ceremony this year?

The Indian saree is our favourite among the many beautiful types of Indian clothing. Wearing a saree, six yards of elegance with a time-honoured charm, is ideal as you enter a religious state of mind, take photos on your smartphone, and make new memories with the people you care about. Explore saree from Suta & Bahuji.

These five styles of sarees will make you look beautiful, whether fasting for your loved one or out having fun with friends.

1. Color of Good Fortune

On a day dedicated to honouring the splendour of enduring love, nothing compares to the splendour of the colour red. The red saree is a traditional outfit for Karva Chauth, and due to the prevalence of celebrities in this outfit, it has also become the most glamorous option.

Red Saree

For a culturally appropriate appearance that can be worn beyond the Karwa Chauth holiday, try this modern take on the traditional saree used on that day, which has been updated with delicate designs.

2. An Accent of Vivid Color

While red has always been my go-to for a Karva Chauth saree, branching out into other colours is always fun, especially if you want to make a fashion statement. This saree in a deep red colour is a sparkling presentation of ethnic details that will make it easy to wear on Karwa Chauth while also providing your wardrobe with an elegant boost.

Saree Colorful Edge

3. Understated Components

This sage green kora silk saree is an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you want to make an impression from the moment you walk into the room. The designer saree is made of kora silk and has a relatively fluid weave; it is finished with an excellent gota patti border, which adds just the appropriate mélange of metallic elements to the subdued foundation, creating a refined Karwa Chauth saree aesthetic.

gota patti border saree

4. Eternal Traditions   

Medium to dark green silk sarees is a great way to stand out from the crowd at a festive event without deviating too far from the traditional norm. This cultural mainstay is also the most practical piece of clothing you can own.

Eternal Traditions

5. Eco-friendly Allure

Charming Saree

Invest in this beautiful, timeless saree for Karva Chauth 2022, the year it will be the most eco-friendly. For a day dedicated to long puja hours scheduled amidst hunger pangs, the red and pink traditional saree woven with fine cotton silk threads is all about the much-needed comfort!

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