6 Festive Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping

We took a hiatus from holiday celebrations during the pandemic, but now that it’s over, everyone is ready to dive headfirst into this year’s festivities. We’re excited to finally begin the holiday season. There is a lot to look forward to, including deciding what to dress, planning where to go, and eating a wide variety of delectable treats.

However, the holiday season’s flurry of activity and promotion of bad eating habits can hurt our ability to wind down and get a good night’s rest. The question now is, what should we do? Let’s figure out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having a good time.

Do you aware that eating certain meals can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest? Sleep disruptions can affect your energy levels, digestive health, and general well-being.

We’ve compiled a short list of meals to avoid if you want to avoid sleeping through the night:

  1. Soft drink & Caffeinated drinks: This time of year is hectic, and in the midst of it all, it’s tempting to resort to pre-made, pre-packaged beverages. These drinks are generally packed with caffeine and high sugar content. Consuming too much caffeine might undoubtedly cause disturbances in your slumber. Avoid these drinks at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  2. Sweets & Sugary snacks: Mithais and sweets are a key element of the Christmas dining binge. On the other hand, they should never be worn to bed. Sugary sweets have an infamous reputation when it comes to nap time. It raises your blood sugar and insulin levels, making you aware and conscious, and disturbing you during your sleeping hours.
  3. Greasy or buttery or fat-rich foods: Foods that are high in fat, such as those prepared with butter or oil; it’s hard to picture a holiday spread featuring fried pakoras and cheesy gravies. These hefty and rich foods can make your stomach work up and can make you stay up late at night.
  4. Milk: Milk, used in virtually all sweets and dishes throughout India, can prevent you from falling asleep. If you’re lactose intolerant, drinking milk may make digestion more difficult. Avoid drinking milk after dinner.
  5. Spicy cuisine: Most people from India enjoy eating foods with a lot of heat. While there are health benefits to eating chilli peppers, their heat may prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.
  6. Meat or animal protein: We all adore eating the delectable curry, biryani, and kebabs during festivities. We have to be careful. Again, eating a large amount of meat or animal protein might cause digestive delays and disrupt sleep.

How do you plan on savouring all the holiday fare? Foods high in melatonin, such as berries, salmon, eggs, and almonds, can help you get a good night’s rest. With this in mind, I pray you’ll be able to participate in the celebrations without jeopardising your health. Also, do you know what you need for good sleep? LivPure Mattress Coupon

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