7 Reasons Why Cats Sleep So Much

Cats are particularly adorable when they appear deeply immersed in dreaming and oblivious to their surroundings while slumbering for long periods. Of course, as a cat parent, you may be concerned about this and wonder why your cat needs to sleep so much. But, if kittens slept for so much time, when do they get to play, hang out with you while you work on the computer, or follow you around the home, meowing for some attention?

Cats spend between 15 and 20 hours a day sleeping. You bet! There may be some age-related variation in how long they sleep. Cats typically sleep for longer as they get older. While this is typical of them, there are other factors at play, such as:

  1. Cat’s propensity for napping is largely inherited. Predators are what wild cats are best at being. They are active at night and in the early morning or late afternoon. Since they expend so much energy hunting, they spend most of their time resting in close quarters. So even though your house cats don’t have to go out and hunt for their food because you provide it daily, their ancestry could still be in charge.
  2. Cats need to conserve their energy in several ways, one of which is by sleeping a lot. They prefer catnaps, which can last up to 30 minutes, during which they remain awake and alert to their sights, noises, and smells. When they hear particular noises, they may twitch their ears and sometimes even their tails. They are especially vigilant and ready to pounce at these times if a wayward rat venture into their territory. Cat nappers only spend a short amount of time in deep slumber.
  3. Like humans, cats will nap when they’re bored. When cats are left alone all day by their working parents, they may become bored and fall asleep. Providing cats with cat toys is the greatest method to keep them occupied. As with dogs, cats enjoy a good game of fetch or chase. The game of “hide and seek” is also fun for cats. By keeping kids engaged in physical activity, these games also promote happiness and health. They’ll benefit emotionally from the exercise and mental stimulation, and the two of you will form a closer bond. Thanks to these games, your kitty friend will have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  4. The combination of long sleep duration and lack of physical activity indicates stress. Your cat may respond to emotional stress by sleeping more, and there may be several potential causes. If your cat is unusually tired or listless, observing it closely may help determine the cause. Cats don’t like it when their routines and environments are disrupted suddenly. It gives them nerves or a gloomy mood. The person either avoids or communicates with only one member of the family. Excessive sleeping or abnormal behaviour like this should prompt a trip to the vet.
  5. When a cat is sick, they tend to sleep more and be less active. Your cat may be reluctant to get out of bed because of some pain it’s experiencing. Overweight people are more likely to sleep because they avoid the pain and suffering that often accompany being overweight. Your veterinarian should do a thorough physical examination because obesity can cause major health complications.
  6. Weather changes also drive cats to sleep more. This is because cats can be just as vulnerable as humans to the negative effects of winter and wet weather. So when it’s chilly outside, cats, like humans, like to stay warm by spending more time in bed.
  7. Lastly, cats need a lot of sleep for their wellness. In contrast to humans, they value rest and will nap whenever they feel tired.

In conclusion, cats spend an average of 15 or more hours of sleep every day. Domestic cats still have some of their primitive hunting instincts, but they no longer actively pursue prey. However, if your cat begins sleeping for unusually long periods, you should watch them see if there is an underlying cause.

A trip to the vet for a thorough examination should be made at the first sign of trouble. And if you see your cat acting down or frightened after a change in routine, try playing with them using their favourite activities or toys. It will restore their good spirits and cause them to resume their normal sleeping schedule.

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