A Modern Twist on Banarasi Sarees Can Be Found in Karagiri’s Creations

The lustrous beauty of Banarasi Sarees has captivated ladies all over India and the world for centuries, and they have been worn with grace by women of all ages in traditional Indian attire for centuries.

Indian women have worn Banarasi saris for centuries, and their rich beauty has always been awe-inspiring to women across the country and the world. However, when shopping for silk sarees online, Karagiri has long been regarded as one of the most trustworthy and popular companies.

A Modern Twist on Banarasi Sarees Can Be Found in Karagiri's Creations

Customers are enthralled by their vast selection of saris, from Banarasi to Kanjivram, in various contemporary and traditional styles. Karagiri has a distinct advantage in the industry since it offers distinctive designs in gorgeous colors with superior quality fabric at extremely competitive pricing.

Sarees from Banaras are well-known for their rich weaving heritage, which founder Pallavi Mohadikar of Karagiri emphasized in her speech. As far back as the Rigveda, it has been woven with precious metal threads like gold and silver.

The weaving of a Banarasi Saree is an art form in which even those without formal training excel. The sarees subsequently make their way from rural India’s weavers to India’s metropolitan markets, where tens of thousands of women purchase them.”

From days to months, depending on the level of complexity of these sarees, they can be woven. Banarasi Sarees are more than just a piece of Indian clothing; they represent the country’s rich culture, heritage, and history.

Many weavers have lost their jobs with the introduction of the Power loom, which has made it harder for them to earn their daily pay.

Weavers have long been harmed by a lack of government funding and a scarcity of fairly priced yarn, and as a result, their output is often inferior to that of a Power loom, which results in lower profits.

Weavers who create the enchantment of Karagiri’s stunning items are protected by the brand’s commitment to preserving and promoting their well-being. Supporting weavers who have lost their jobs due to the widespread adoption of power looms necessitates a concerted effort.

Pure Banarasi Saree is a favorite among the world’s finest saree aficionados, and demand for these sarees has risen even during the epidemic,” said Mohadikar. We’ve sold more than 50,000 sarees.”

Weavers in rural areas of India are visited and interacted with by Karagiri’s team, which works closely with them and travels to meet them directly. Pallavi Mohadikar, who grew up watching her grandpa weave Kosa silk sarees, believes infusing the brand’s aesthetic with a personal touch is critical.

Silk sarees created by more than 3000 weavers are shipped worldwide by the brand. Karagiri’s sarees have a homey feel and are of the highest quality; they urge their consumers to treat them as valuable assets to be passed down from mother to daughter. Karagiri has recently opened a global store as part of its international expansion strategy and plans to expand even further.

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