Agoda vs Booking: Which is Better?

Today, hundreds of websites exist solely to assist vacationers in locating cheap offers. Where to stay is always the most important decision to make after the cost of the plane ticket. Costs might add up quickly if you intend on being away from home for more than a week.

You can always use Airbnb to find unique or inexpensive accommodation, but nowadays, you can also reserve an apartment through any hotel booking service. It’s common practice for consumers to use either Agoda or while looking for a hotel room. Where can you get the finest “best deal,” exactly?

Comparing Agoda with

Agoda and are comparable in many ways (and all other booking sites, for that matter). Priceline is the parent firm of both businesses. It’s the business model that makes all the difference.

The Agency Model is in use by Clients are driven directly to the doors of their affiliated hotels, and payment is made to the hotel upon checkout. When you use to reserve a room, you give that responsibility to the website. A credit card isn’t required to make a reservation with is a huge plus for many vacationers.

But Agoda combines elements of both models, acting as agents and merchants. You may note that some payment methods allow you to give the hotel cash instead of using a credit card. On the other hand, Agoda’s Merchant Model entails the company buying rooms at a discount from hotel partners and reselling them at a higher price.

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Naturally, Agoda has created partnerships and negotiated with its partner hotels to continue providing clients with good rates on rooms and packages.

There is some flexibility in pricing. You will be spoiled for choice by the extensive selections available on both sites. It’s a good idea to check both sites, as each may feature partner hotels that the other doesn’t. Even after the added service charge, the total usually comes out to be less than what you would pay through a different booking site or the hotel directly.

When Making a Reservation

While making a reservation on both sites is simple, one may offer somewhat greater comfort due to a few extra features. provides the full cost of your stay up front, which is helpful for those watching their wallets. The nightly rate is displayed on Agoda (but they show total amounts on the mobile app).

Here are a few handy amenities that could make your search for the ideal hotel a little less daunting.

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