Belora Cosmetics Review

Toxin- and cruelty-free, Belora’s cosmetics and skin care products deliver on performance without compromise. The company’s goal is to develop cosmetics with skincare benefits so that women can use products that have passed dermatological testing and are beneficial to their skin.

There are dozens of cosmetics on the market today, and it’s easy for shoppers to purchase ones that contain harmful chemicals unwittingly. But, conversely, all-natural cosmetics don’t always live up to their promises of lasting wear and intense colour. Explore Belora Cosmetics Coupon

Belora’s current collection of lipsticks, moisturisers, kajal, and eyeshadows are infused with naturally sourced formulations, providing the added benefits of skincare. High-performance colours also produce deep tones that linger long on the skin.

The brand is also releasing luxurious and effective skincare.
Belora Cosmetics Review

Belora’s R&D team has spent the last two years searching for substances that meet the stringent requirements of European and Australian certifications for cosmetics, the strictest standards in the world today. As a result, Belora is the first cosmetics line in Europe and Asia to get the MADE SAFETM certification. The group also maintains a “BS” (Bad Stuff) list of more than two thousand potentially dangerous products they vow never to use.

Ainara and Akaljyot established Belora in February 2019. Formerly, Ainara was in charge at Myntra, Ameriprise Financial, Yes Bank, and MSL Publicis. Akaljyot has been counselling top-level executives on how to improve workflows and streamline operations for over a decade. She has played pivotal roles at major companies like MetLife, Allstate, and American Express.

Belora Cosmetics has an average review of 3.6 out of 5, on average of reviews from 96 people.

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