Top 10 Best Airlines in India: Guide to India’s Air Travel

India, with its diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage, and booming economy, has seen a significant rise in air travel over the past few years. As the demand for convenient and comfortable travel grows, numerous airlines have entered the market, providing exceptional services and unique features to cater to the needs of Indian travelers. With so many options, choosing the right airline can be a daunting task. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Airlines in India.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with an overview of each airline, highlighting their unique features, pros and cons, and price range. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision and enjoy an unparalleled flight experience with the best airlines in India.

Air India

Air India, the flag carrier of India, has a rich history dating back to 1932. This government-owned airline takes pride in offering a seamless travel experience, connecting India to over 102 destinations across the globe. Known for its iconic Maharaja mascot, Air India boasts a fleet of modern aircraft, exceptional in-flight services, and unrivaled safety standards. Additionally, use Air India Coupons to save more on flights.

Unique Features

  • Vast Network: Air India operates flights to 57 domestic and 45 international destinations, making it the most extensive network among Indian carriers.
  • Star Alliance Member: Being a member of the prestigious Star Alliance, Air India’s passengers can enjoy seamless connections, priority services, and a vast range of benefits.
  • Frequent Flyer Program: The airline’s Flying Returns program rewards loyal customers with attractive benefits, including bonus miles, priority check-in, and lounge access.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: Passengers can enjoy a wide selection of movies, music, and games through the state-of-the-art entertainment system.
  • Extensive network and connectivity
  • Comfortable seating and ample legroom
  • Warm and hospitable cabin crew
  • Complimentary meals with diverse cuisine options
  • Inconsistency in service quality
  • Occasional flight delays and cancellations

Price Range: Budget to Premium


IndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline, has rapidly gained popularity since its inception in 2006. Known for its distinctive blue and white livery, IndiGo has become synonymous with punctuality, affordability, and efficiency. With its extensive network and modern fleet of aircraft, IndiGo offers a hassle-free flying experience to millions of passengers each year. Also, you can use Indigo Coupons to save on flight bookings.

Unique Features

  • On-Time Performance: IndiGo consistently ranks among the top airlines globally for punctuality, ensuring that you reach your destination on time.
  • Fleet Modernity: IndiGo boasts a young fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, offering greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Affordable Fares: The airline offers competitive fares without compromising on service quality and passenger comfort.
  • 6E Rewards Program: IndiGo’s loyalty program rewards frequent flyers with exclusive offers, discounts, and priority services.
  • Excellent on-time performance
  • Competitive fares and frequent promotions
  • Friendly and efficient cabin crew
  • Clean and well-maintained aircraft
  • Limited in-flight entertainment options
  • Additional charges for meals and baggage

Price Range: Budget to Mid-range


SpiceJet, one of India’s most popular low-cost airlines, has been making air travel more accessible since its establishment in 2005. Known for its vibrant red and white livery, SpiceJet is committed to offering value-for-money services, including punctuality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. The airline’s expansive network covers 63 destinations, including 50 domestic and 13 international locations. Additonally, use Spicejet Coupons to save more flight booking.

Unique Features

  • SpiceMax: Offers premium services including extra legroom, priority check-in, boarding, and complimentary meals.
  • SpiceClub: SpiceJet’s loyalty program allows customers to earn points, get discounts, and avail other exclusive benefits.
  • Green Initiative: SpiceJet is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and operates India’s first biofuel flight.
  • Onboard Shopping: Passengers can enjoy duty-free shopping on international flights.
  • Competitive fares and frequent flight options.
  • Consistent performance and good on-time record.
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.
  • SpiceMax premium services offer great value.
  • Limited in-flight entertainment options.
  • Additional charges for extra baggage.

Price Range: Budget to Mid-range


Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, has quickly become a favourite among travellers seeking a premium flying experience. Launched in 2015, Vistara is known for its luxurious services, innovative offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction. It connects 34 destinations with a fleet of Airbus A320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Additionally, use Vistara Coupons to save more on online booking.

Unique Features

  • Premium Economy: Vistara is the first airline in India to introduce a Premium Economy Class, offering more space, priority services, and gourmet meals.
  • Club Vistara: The frequent flyer program rewards passengers with points redeemable for flight tickets and upgrades.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: Vistara World, the airline’s in-flight streaming service, offers movies, TV shows, and music to keep passengers entertained.
  • Gourmet Dining: The airline takes pride in offering a wide range of delicious meals prepared by top chefs.
  • Exceptional service quality and in-flight comfort.
  • On-time performance and seamless travel experience.
  • Wide range of in-flight entertainment options.
  • Value-for-money premium economy services.
  • Limited domestic network compared to other airlines.
  • Premium services come with a higher price tag.

Price Range: Mid-range to Premium


GoFirst, founded in 2005, is a low-cost carrier providing reliable and affordable air travel. Known for its smart flying model, GoAir ensures efficient operations and punctual performance. It operates over 330 daily flights across 36 destinations, including 27 domestic and 9 international. Additionally, use Gofirst Coupons to save more on flight booking.

Unique Features

  • GoSmart: Offers passengers a range of smart services like priority check-in, seat selection, and pre-booking of excess baggage.
  • GoStar: GoAir’s loyalty program provides members with exclusive offers, discounts, and priority services.
  • Eco-Friendly: GoAir uses fuel-efficient aircraft contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • In-Flight Magazine: Go-getter, the airline’s in-flight magazine, keeps passengers engaged with interesting content.
  • Affordability and frequent discounts.
  • User-friendly booking process and efficient customer service.
  • Good on-time performance.
  • Clean and comfortable cabins.
  • Limited in-flight entertainment and meal options.
  • Extra charges for seat selection and baggage.

Price Range: Budget

AirAsia India

AirAsia India, a joint venture between Tata Sons and AirAsia Investment Limited, is known for its low-cost yet quality services. Launched in 2014, AirAsia India has quickly become a preferred choice for budget travelers, offering affordable flights across its network of 21 destinations. Also, use AirAsia Coupons to save more on flights.

Unique Features

  • Low Fare Finder: This feature on the AirAsia website helps passengers find the cheapest available fares.
  • Premium Flex: Offers benefits like priority check-in, boarding, baggage, and flexibility in changing flights.
  • BIG Loyalty Program: This frequent flyer program allows members to earn points and redeem them for flights and add-ons.
  • In-Flight Menu: AirAsia offers a range of delicious meals that can be pre-booked or purchased onboard.
  • Highly affordable fares.
  • Efficient service and friendly staff.
  • Cleanliness and comfort in cabins.
  • User-friendly website and mobile app.
  • Charges for seat selection and meals.
  • Limited network coverage.

Price Range: Budget

Alliance Air

Alliance Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India, serves as a regional airline connecting smaller cities and towns to the major hubs. Established in 1996, Alliance Air focuses on providing connectivity to India’s Tier-II and Tier-III cities, covering over 53 destinations with a fleet of ATR aircraft.

Unique Features

  • Regional Connectivity: Alliance Air plays a crucial role in connecting remote and underserved regions of India.
  • Frequent Flyer Program: As a part of Air India, Alliance Air passengers can earn Flying Returns miles.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: The airline offers complimentary refreshments on all its flights.
  • Excellent regional connectivity.
  • Warm and friendly service.
  • Complimentary in-flight refreshments.
  • Limited in-flight entertainment options.
  • Limited coverage of major cities.

Price Range: Budget to Mid-range


TruJet, founded in 2013, is a regional airline dedicated to connecting real India. With a focus on connectivity between Tier-II and Tier-III cities, TruJet provides affordable and reliable services across its network of 21 destinations. TruJet’s mission is to make air travel accessible to everyone.

Unique Features

  • Regional Connectivity: TruJet plays an essential role in connecting remote regions to major hubs.
  • Affordable Fares: The airline offers competitive pricing, making air travel more accessible.
  • In-Flight Magazine: ‘Wings’, the in-flight magazine, offers engaging content for passengers.
  • Excellent connectivity between smaller cities.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Friendly service and clean cabins.
  • Limited network in major cities.
  • Limited in-flight entertainment and meal options.

Price Range: Budget

Star Air

Star Air, a part of the Sanjay Ghodawat Group, is a regional airline launched in 2019. Despite being new to the industry, Star Air has quickly gained popularity for its punctuality and service quality. It operates Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft, connecting several Tier-II and Tier-III cities in India.

Unique Features

  • Regional Connectivity: Star Air connects several underserved routes in India.
  • Punctuality: The airline is known for its excellent on-time performance.
  • Comfortable Seating: The Embraer ERJ 145 offers a comfortable 2-1 seating arrangement, providing more space and comfort.
  • Excellent on-time performance.
  • Friendly and efficient service.
  • Comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Limited network coverage.
  • No in-flight entertainment system.

Price Range: Budget to Mid-range

Air India Express

Air India Express, a subsidiary of Air India, is a low-cost carrier that primarily operates flights between India and the Middle East. Established in 2005, Air India Express is known for its affordable fares, reliable service, and connectivity. It serves over 33 destinations with a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Unique Features

  • International Connectivity: Air India Express provides excellent connectivity to the Middle East.
  • Affordable Fares: The airline offers some of the most competitive fares for international travel.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: Selected flights feature drop-down screens that play a mix of Hindi and English content.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Passengers are offered complimentary meals on all flights.
  • Affordable fares for international travel.
  • Good connectivity to the Middle East.
  • Complimentary in-flight meals.
  • Limited domestic network.
  • Extra charges for seat selection.

Price Range: Budget to Mid-range

The aviation industry in India has undergone a significant transformation over the years, with airlines striving to offer superior services and innovative features to enhance the flying experience for travelers. From full-service carriers offering luxurious amenities to low-cost airlines making air travel accessible to all, there is an airline to suit every traveler’s preferences and budget.

Whether you prioritize punctuality, comfort, in-flight entertainment, network coverage, or cost, our list of the top 10 best airlines in India provides a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. As the industry continues to evolve, Indian airlines are continuously working towards improving their services and offering a seamless travel experience.

Remember, the best airline is not just about the cost, but it’s about the value you get for your money. It’s about the comfort, the service, and the overall travel experience. So, next time you plan a trip, consider these top airlines to enjoy a memorable journey. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top 10 best airlines in India?

The top 10 best airlines in India, based on service, comfort, and reliability, are Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Vistara, GoAir, AirAsia India, Alliance Air, TruJet, Star Air, and Air India Express.

What factors should I consider while choosing an airline in India?

Factors to consider while choosing an airline in India include the airline’s network coverage, on-time performance, quality of service, in-flight amenities, safety record, ticket price, and customer reviews.

Are low-cost carriers in India reliable?

Yes, low-cost carriers in India such as IndiGo, SpiceJet, and GoAir are known for their reliability, punctuality, and value-for-money services. They are a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Which Indian airlines offer a loyalty or frequent flyer program?

Several Indian airlines offer loyalty or frequent flyer programs, including Air India (Flying Returns), IndiGo (6E Rewards), SpiceJet (SpiceClub), Vistara (Club Vistara), and AirAsia India (BIG Loyalty Program).

Which airline in India offers the best in-flight entertainment?

Vistara offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment options through its Vistara World streaming service. Air India also provides an extensive selection of movies, music, and games on its long-haul flights.

Which is the best Indian airline for international travel?

Air India, being the national carrier, offers extensive international connectivity. For budget international travel, Air India Express is a popular choice. Vistara is also expanding its international network.

Which airlines in India offer premium economy services?

Vistara is the first and only airline in India to offer a Premium Economy Class, providing more space, priority services, and gourmet meals.

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