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As the heart of the KPop industry, leaders play a critical role in shaping the trajectory of their respective groups. They act as the mediator, the motivator, and often the glue that binds the group together. As we approach the midway point of 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best KPop leaders who have not only led their groups to success but also impressed with their individual abilities, character, and charisma. Here are the leaders who have defined KPop in 2023.

1. RM (BTS)


Kicking off our list of the best KPop leaders of 2023 is RM, leader of the worldwide sensation, BTS. A proficient rapper, lyricist, and producer, RM’s unique leadership style has played a crucial role in BTS’s global success. With his exceptional language skills, he has been the bridge between BTS and their international fanbase, a testament to his global KPop leadership.

2. Leeteuk (Super Junior)

Leeteuk (Super Junior)

Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior, remains one of the most respected figures in the KPop industry. Known for his empathy and maturity, Leeteuk has guided Super Junior through various challenges, embodying the role of a KPop leader with grace and perseverance.

3. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon of (G)I-DLE has been making waves in the KPop scene as one of the best female KPop leaders in 2023. As the group’s primary songwriter and producer, Soyeon’s creative influence and strategic direction have set (G)I-DLE apart.

4. JB (GOT7)


GOT7’s JB has made a lasting impression as a dynamic KPop leader. His leadership style, marked by calmness and mutual respect, has ensured GOT7’s cohesiveness, allowing each member’s unique talents to shine through.

5. S.Coups (Seventeen)

S.Coups (Seventeen)

Seventeen’s S.Coups continues to showcase his leadership prowess in 2023. Balancing Seventeen’s large member lineup, S.Coups has shown exceptional abilities in maintaining harmony within the group and ensuring their performances are always on point.

6. Solar (MAMAMOO)


Solar of MAMAMOO embodies leadership with her vibrant energy and incredible vocal skills. As the eldest member, her nurturing approach and dedication to promoting a positive group dynamic have helped MAMAMOO achieve their distinct identity in KPop.

7. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

Despite Girls’ Generation’s extended hiatus, Taeyeon’s impact as a leader still resonates in 2023. She led her team through a decade of dominance in the KPop industry, and her legacy continues to influence the new generation of KPop leaders.

8. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Known for his hands-on involvement in songwriting and producing, Bang Chan of Stray Kids is one of the most involved leaders in KPop. His unwavering dedication to the group’s creative vision has been instrumental in defining Stray Kids’ unique sound.

9. N (VIXX)


N from VIXX, despite his soft-spoken nature, is known for his diligent and thoughtful leadership. His attention to detail and commitment to the group’s well-being showcases his standout leadership in the competitive world of KPop.

10. Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo (TWICE)

Rounding off our list of top KPop leaders in 2023 is TWICE’s Jihyo. A leader who embodies resilience, Jihyo’s tenacity and optimism have played a significant role in TWICE’s immense popularity.

As KPop continues to captivate global audiences, the role of a KPop leader becomes increasingly significant. These top 10 best KPop leaders of 2023 have showcased their talent, dedication, and leadership, playing an instrumental role in the success of their respective groups. They have not only led their groups to new heights but also carved their individual identities in the dynamic landscape of KPop.

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