Top 10 Best Mobile Case Brands in India: Smart Covers

In today’s digital age, where smartphones are an essential part of our lives, protecting these valuable devices is paramount. Mobile cases, apart from offering the requisite protection, have evolved into an accessory that can reflect your personality, match your outfit, or even showcase your favorite art. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the top 10 best mobile case brands in India, to help you find the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality for your precious device.

With an array of brands offering an impressive mix of designs, materials, and unique features, choosing the right mobile case can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in, guiding you through each brand, highlighting their unique features, pros, cons, and price range. This way, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs. And if you’re someone who appreciates a holistic approach towards mobile aesthetics, don’t miss out on our related page about the accessories, where we discuss everything from earphones and portable chargers to popsockets and more. Discover how you can enhance your smartphone experience beyond just mobile cases.


Zapvi is a burgeoning Indian brand that has swiftly gained popularity for its trendy mobile cases, particularly among the younger generation. With an extensive selection of unique designs, ranging from quirky illustrations to pop culture references, the brand offers a fresh take on mobile accessories. Moreover, they serve a vast array of smartphone models, ensuring that everyone finds something to their liking. But what truly sets Zapvi apart is the ability for customers to customize their cases, embodying their personalities and creativity on a device they use every day.

The brand ensures quality at affordable prices, and with frequent updates to their catalogue, Zapvi keeps its collection modern, stylish, and attuned to the latest trends. Their belief lies in the intersection of practicality and personal expression, where each smartphone case becomes more than just a protective cover—it transforms into an accessory that mirrors individuality. Additionally, use Zapvi coupons to save more on online store.

Unique Features of Zapvi

  1. Quality Materials: Zapvi uses top-notch Polycarbonate and TPU materials for their cases, ensuring superior durability and shock resistance. These cases provide robust protection for your device from accidental drops and bumps.
  2. Custom Case Design: The brand offers a unique ‘Custom Case’ feature. This allows customers to express their creativity and personal style by designing their own phone cases.
  3. Wide Range of Designs: Zapvi boasts a diverse range of designs. They cater to all, from those who love vibrant, loud patterns to those who prefer subtle, understated designs.
  4. Precision Cut-Outs: Zapvi cases come with precision cut-outs that perfectly align with your phone’s buttons, ports, and camera, allowing easy access while providing maximum protection.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and impact resistance.
  • Wide array of designs catering to different tastes.
  • Custom case feature allows personal expression.
  • Limited options for certain smartphone models.
  • Custom designs may take longer to deliver due to the production process.

Price Range: Zapvi offers a competitive price range, ensuring a balance between quality and affordability. Their prices typically range from INR 200 to INR 500, providing options for various budget constraints.

Million Cases

As the name suggests, Million Cases offers an impressive array of mobile case designs, establishing itself as a trusted brand in the Indian market. Their commitment to innovation goes beyond just the aesthetics. They’ve revolutionized the concept of mobile cases by offering varied designs and features. You can choose from glitter cases that add a touch of glam to your device, transparent cases that maintain the original look of your phone, or rugged armor cases that provide an extra layer of protection.

Million Cases caters to an extensive range of smartphones, ensuring there’s something for everyone. What sets them apart is their focus on blending style, durability, and protection, recognizing that consumers view their phone cases as an extension of their personal style. From the minimalist to the extravagant, their catalogue has a case to suit every personality and need. Additionally, use Million Cases Coupons to save more on all orders.

Unique Features of Million Cases

  1. Innovative Designs: Million Cases offers a plethora of innovative designs that are contemporary and trendy, ensuring your device stands out in a crowd.
  2. Premium Quality: Every case from Million Cases is made from high-quality materials, offering excellent protection against wear and tear and accidental damages.
  3. Compatibility: Million Cases provides a wide range of phone cases compatible with a variety of smartphone brands and models.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Many of their products are eco-friendly, crafted from sustainable materials, emphasizing their commitment to the environment.
Million Cases Coupon
Million Cases
  • A vast range of innovative and stylish designs.
  • Premium quality materials ensure high durability.
  • Wide compatibility with different smartphone models.
  • Eco-friendly options available.
  • Premium cases can be on the expensive side.
  • Limited physical stores; primarily available online.

Price Range: Million Cases provides an extensive price range that caters to different budgets, from affordable to premium. Their cases are typically priced between INR 300 and INR 1000.


An international sensation, Casetify has made its mark in the Indian market with its unique, high-quality mobile cases. Renowned for its collaborations with artists and designers around the globe, Casetify’s mobile cases serve as a canvas for creativity and self-expression. Their signature clear case, embedded with unique designs and personalization options, is a hit among customers.

The brand has succeeded in blending art and pop culture into mobile cases, allowing customers to showcase their style and individuality. Moreover, Casetify is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly cases made from compostable materials, catering to the environmentally conscious consumer. From cases featuring intricate designs and bold colors to those with a simple, clear aesthetic, Casetify’s collection is as diverse as its customer base. The brand believes that a mobile case is not just a protective gear for your phone but an accessory to showcase your personal style and values. Additionally, use Casetify Coupons to save more on online orders.

Unique Features of Casetify

  1. Personalized Cases: Casetify is renowned for its customizable phone cases that allow users to create their own unique designs.
  2. Military Grade Protection: Their cases are designed with qìtech™ material that provides military-grade drop protection, safeguarding your phone from high-impact drops.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Casetify launched the world’s first customizable compostable phone case. They strive to reduce waste and promote sustainability with their ‘Casetify Conscious’ line.
  4. Collaborations: Casetify often collaborates with various artists and designers, ensuring their designs are always fresh, contemporary, and unique.
Casetify Logo
  • Offers military-grade protection for smartphones.
  • Customizable options let users design their own unique cases.
  • Eco-friendly range of compostable phone cases.
  • Regular collaborations with designers for unique and trendy designs.
  • Pricier compared to other Indian brands.
  • International shipping can result in longer delivery times.

Price Range: Being an international brand, Casetify tends to be a bit pricier compared to local brands, with prices typically ranging from INR 1500 to INR 4000, depending on the level of customization.

Cover it Up

As a leading brand in India, Cover it Up has mastered the art of blending functionality, style, and quality in their mobile cases. The brand has an impressive catalogue, boasting a range of designs and styles to suit different tastes. But what makes Cover it Up truly stand out is their range of officially licensed merchandise. From cases featuring characters from popular movies and TV shows to those with graphics of your favourite sports teams, they’ve got you covered.

Their cases aren’t just about eye-catching designs, they also prioritize protection, using high-quality materials that guard your device against everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, the brand also offers customization options, allowing customers to design their own phone cases and express their creativity. Cover it Up has set a high bar in the Indian mobile case market, promising quality, variety, and a unique platform for fans to showcase their fandom. Also, use Cover It Up Coupons to save extra on purchase.

Unique Features of Cover it Up

  1. Licensed Designs: Cover it Up offers officially licensed designs from numerous popular franchises. This includes movies, TV series, sports teams, and more, allowing fans to showcase their fandom on their phone case.
  2. 3D Printing: The brand uses 3D printing technology to create intricate designs with high-resolution and a smooth finish.
  3. Diverse Materials: Cover it Up provides cases made from diverse materials, including silicone, hard plastic, and even leather, catering to a variety of preferences.
  4. Customizable Cases: The brand offers an option to personalize the case, enabling users to create a case that reflects their unique style.
Cover it up Logo
Cover it Up
  • Offers officially licensed designs from popular franchises.
  • Utilizes 3D printing for high-resolution designs.
  • Offers a variety of case materials, from silicone to leather.
  • Allows for case personalization.
  • Premium designs can be pricey.
  • Some users may find 3D designs bulkier than flat ones.

Price Range: Cover it Up offers an expansive price range catering to various budgets. The typical price range for their phone cases lies between INR 500 and INR 2000.


DailyObjects, a premier mobile case brand in India, is recognized for its eclectic range of designs and high-quality materials. The brand showcases the works of artists from around the globe, transforming ordinary phone cases into unique pieces of art. Whether you prefer geometric patterns, abstract designs, floral prints, or simple, elegant themes, DailyObjects has something for every taste.

But their offerings don’t stop at diverse designs. They are committed to delivering a high-quality product that protects your device while adding an aesthetic appeal. Their cases are crafted from durable materials designed to protect your smartphone from bumps, drops, and scratches. The brand’s commitment to art and quality has made it a go-to choice for customers seeking stylish, durable mobile cases. DailyObjects believes in the power of art to invoke emotions and express personal style, bringing this belief to life through their mobile cases. Additionally, use DailyObjects Coupons to save more on online orders.

Unique Features of DailyObjects

  1. Artistic Designs: DailyObjects partners with artists from around the world, offering a vast range of unique, artistic designs on their phone cases.
  2. Variety of Case Types: From clear soft cases and tough cases to leather wallet cases and tempered glass cases, DailyObjects caters to diverse consumer needs.
  3. Lifetime Warranty: They offer a lifetime warranty on their products, indicating a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  4. Customizable Cases: Customers have the option to create their own design, adding a personal touch to their phone case.
Daily Objects Logo
  • Extensive range of artistic designs.
  • Offers a variety of case types for different protection levels and styles.
  • Lifetime warranty provides trust and assurance of quality.
  • Customization option allows personal expression.
  • Premium cases, especially leather and tempered glass ones, can be expensive.
  • Custom designs may take more time to deliver.

Price Range: DailyObjects offers an inclusive price range to accommodate different budgets. The typical price range for their phone cases lies between INR 500 and INR 2000.


Caseable is a global brand that has won over the Indian market with its stylish, customizable, and eco-friendly phone cases. The brand offers an extensive range of pre-made designs, created by a community of artists worldwide. From vibrant patterns and prints to custom designs where you can bring your ideas to life, Caseable provides plenty of options to make your smartphone case a reflection of your personality.

Their commitment to sustainability further sets them apart. Caseable uses eco-friendly materials and processes in the production of their cases, catering to consumers who value environmental consciousness. Despite being an international brand, they’ve successfully resonated with the Indian market, thanks to their blend of style, customization, and eco-friendly approach. Caseable’s phone cases are more than just accessories; they’re a statement of personal style and environmental awareness. Additionally, use Caseable Coupons to save more on online orders.

Unique Features of Caseable

  1. Eco-Friendly Production: Caseable is committed to minimizing environmental impact. They use eco-friendly materials and green production processes.
  2. Customizable Designs: Caseable offers a platform to design your own case, enabling a unique and personalized style.
  3. Wide Variety of Designs: The brand offers an extensive range of pre-made designs to choose from, created by a global community of artists.
  4. Quality Materials: Caseable uses high-quality materials, ensuring protection and longevity.
Caseable Logo
  • Commitment to environmentally friendly production methods.
  • Offers a platform to create a unique, personalized phone case.
  • Wide variety of pre-made designs by a global artist community.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and protection.
  • Being an international brand, prices can be higher than local brands.
  • Shipping times may be longer due to international logistics.

Price Range: As an international brand, Caseable tends to fall in the higher price segment compared to local brands. Their phone cases typically range from INR 1500 to INR 3500.


While Popsockets is primarily known for its innovative phone grips, they’ve made a significant impact in the phone case market in India with their integrated PopGrip cases. These cases offer the utility of a PopGrip, along with protection and style, which makes them a unique contender in the mobile case market.

Unique Features of Popsockets

  1. Integrated PopGrip: Popsockets cases come with an integrated PopGrip, enhancing grip and doubling as a stand for your smartphone.
  2. Swappable Design: The PopGrip is swappable, allowing you to change the PopTop according to your mood or outfit.
  3. Compatibility with Wireless Charging: Their cases are designed to be compatible with wireless charging, an important feature in today’s smartphone landscape.
  4. Vibrant Designs: Popsockets offers a wide array of vibrant and trendy designs that cater to a diverse customer base.
  • Integrated PopGrip enhances smartphone handling and usage.
  • Swappable design offers versatility and personalization.
  • Cases are designed to be compatible with wireless charging.
  • Wide variety of vibrant designs available.
  • Can be bulkier than typical phone cases due to the integrated PopGrip.
  • Prices may be higher due to the added functionality of the PopGrip.

Price Range: Popsockets mobile cases tend to fall into a slightly higher price bracket due to the integrated PopGrip functionality. Their prices typically range from INR 1000 to INR 3000.


Spigen is a renowned global brand specializing in tech accessories, with a strong presence in the Indian market. The brand is synonymous with durability, offering a vast variety of mobile cases designed to provide superior protection for devices without compromising on style. Spigen’s product range is extensive, catering to various smartphone models and offering cases that satisfy diverse tastes.

What truly sets Spigen apart, however, is their patented Air Cushion Technology which provides enhanced protection against drops and impacts. Furthermore, they use high-quality materials like TPU and polycarbonate, promising robust and long-lasting protection. Spigen’s reputation for reliability and quality has made it a trusted choice for consumers, underlining the brand’s commitment to ensuring your device’s safety.

Unique Features of Spigen

  1. Air Cushion Technology: Spigen is known for its patented Air Cushion Technology, which provides enhanced protection against drops and impacts.
  2. Wide Compatibility: Spigen offers cases for a vast range of smartphone models, catering to a broad customer base.
  3. Quality Materials: Spigen uses high-quality materials like TPU and polycarbonate in their cases, offering robust protection.
  4. Variety of Designs: From sleek and minimalistic to bold and robust designs, Spigen caters to a variety of customer preferences.
  • Patented Air Cushion Technology offers superior protection.
  • Wide compatibility with different smartphone models.
  • Use of high-quality materials ensures durability.
  • Variety of designs to cater to different tastes.
  • Some designs may be bulkier, particularly those offering robust protection.
  • Prices can be higher compared to some local brands.

Price Range: Spigen, being a global brand, is positioned in the mid to high price range, with cases typically priced between INR 1000 to INR 3000.


Stuffcool is an Indian brand that has built a solid reputation for reliable and stylish mobile accessories. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, Stuffcool has emerged as a favorite among users seeking trendy and durable mobile cases. Their Deco series offers intricate designs to jazz up your phone, while their use of sturdy materials ensures reliable protection.

Despite their cases offering comprehensive coverage, Stuffcool manages to keep them sleek and slim, enhancing your phone’s aesthetics without adding unnecessary bulk. The brand caters to a variety of smartphone models, making it accessible to a wide customer base. Through their dedication to quality and style, Stuffcool provides an appealing blend of protection and design in their mobile cases.

Unique Features of Stuffcool

  1. Deco Series: Stuffcool’s Deco series provides intricate and vibrant designs to jazz up your smartphone.
  2. Durable Materials: The brand uses sturdy materials such as TPU and polycarbonate in their cases to offer reliable protection.
  3. Slim Profile: Stuffcool designs their cases to be sleek and slim, providing protection without adding bulk to your device.
  4. Wide Compatibility: They offer cases for a variety of smartphone models across different brands.
51dAqP8eVeL. SL1100
  • Offers intricate and vibrant designs with the Deco series.
  • Uses durable materials for reliable protection.
  • Designs are sleek and slim, adding minimal bulk.
  • Offers cases for a wide range of smartphone models.
  • Limited availability of designs compared to other brands.
  • Some smartphone models may not have as many options.

Price Range: Stuffcool offers an affordable range of smartphone cases. The typical price range for their products lies between INR 400 and INR 1500.


Globally recognized as a leader in mobile case solutions, OtterBox has built a strong reputation in India as a brand synonymous with premium protection. Their robust cases are engineered to protect your phone from drops, shocks, and the rigors of everyday life. OtterBox offers a variety of series, such as Defender, Commuter, Symmetry, and Strada, each offering different levels of protection and style to cater to a wide spectrum of customer needs.

The use of premium materials in their cases ensures they are durable and can withstand tough conditions. Moreover, OtterBox provides a limited lifetime warranty, reflecting their confidence in the quality of their products. OtterBox’s commitment to superior protection, quality, and innovative designs make them a preferred choice for consumers who want to safeguard their smartphones without compromising on aesthetics. For those seeking sturdy protection and a touch of style, OtterBox offers an array of choices.

Unique Features of OtterBox

  1. Drop+ Protection: All OtterBox cases are subjected to a series of over 24 tests and 238 hours of testing to earn the Drop+ protection certification.
  2. Variety of Series: OtterBox offers a variety of series such as Defender, Commuter, Symmetry, and Strada, each offering different levels of protection and style.
  3. Premium Materials: OtterBox uses premium materials in their cases to ensure durable protection against drops and shocks.
  4. Limited Lifetime Warranty: OtterBox offers a limited lifetime warranty for their cases, reflecting their confidence in their products.
61J4wTUYvQL. SL1500
  • Drop+ protection certification assures superior protection.
  • A variety of series caters to different protection needs and style preferences.
  • Use of premium materials ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Limited lifetime warranty provides added assurance of quality.
  • OtterBox cases, particularly those offering high protection, can be bulky.
  • The premium price range may not suit all budgets.

Price Range: Being a premium brand, OtterBox cases fall in the higher price range, with prices typically ranging from INR 2000 to INR 5000.

In conclusion, each of these top 10 best mobile case brands in India brings something unique to the table, showcasing a diverse array of styles, materials, and features to cater to every smartphone user. Whether you’re on the hunt for a case that mirrors your personality through art and design, seeking robust protection against everyday mishaps, or even looking for a sustainable option, these brands ensure that you’ll find a case that fits your needs perfectly. With such a plethora of options available, it’s clear that the mobile case industry in India is more vibrant and innovative than ever before.

As you explore these brands further, we encourage you to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the durability and protection features of each case. Remember, a good mobile case is not only an extension of your personal style but also a safeguard for your device. Be sure to check out our other resources, like our Best True Wireless Earbuds In India, to elevate your smartphone experience to a whole new level. We hope this guide serves as a helpful resource in your quest for the perfect mobile case. Happy shopping!

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