Coupon Marketing Checklist: 9 Tips To Boost Sales

Do you want to know how to write sales copy that establishes you as an expert in your field and generates overwhelming sales? It’s my highly guarded checklist for evaluating and improving a sales page. My private clients, business partners, and members of my Flight Club Mastermind group have benefited greatly from using this Hot Offer Checklist as a reliable reference and guide. At the same time, I edit and write content for them.

Here is a checklist of your sales page’s 9 most important conversion triggers. Make sure to use it at the end of every piece you create.

1. The Headline

To attract the attention of your target audience, you must craft a catchy headline. The headline (which is typically a combination of headings, including a pre-title, main hook, and sub-headline) needs to grab the reader’s attention, convey the central pain point, benefit, or unique selling proposition of the offer and set up a loop that encourages them to keep reading. According to how well-informed they are about your product or service, the headline you choose to use can make or break your campaign.

2. The Indoctrination

This writing needs to make the reader feel something and connect with you. This is the point at which they initiate the self-selection process and determine whether or not you are communicating with THEM. Even though it’s the most challenging to write, a compelling call to action can dramatically affect your sales. Because it can be accomplished by either a story, scientific investigation, or speculative reasoning, I refer to this technique as the “S-Hook.”

3. Problem & Solution

Simply put, you need to alleviate the suffering or solve the issue the audience is facing. Without adding more pain, but by calming their nerves. You want them to know they are not alone in their struggles and that you can relate to what they are going through. There’s a wide range of thoughts on how much, if any, pain-focused marketing is appropriate.

Still, I’m here to tell you that it’s crucial to an effective sales message and can be conveyed in a way that demonstrates compassion and insight rather than coercion. Your training should begin by easing this suffering before progressing to a reassuring resolution. The product itself is no longer the answer; rather, a particular method, strategy, discovery, or instrument is needed to alleviate this problem.

4. The Proposal

When introducing a product, it is common practice to frame it as a simple, fast, quick, or superior means to an end goal. Specifically, I am looking for the product’s price, availability, delivery schedule, and other “left brain” details. Always ensure that the amount you’re asking is more than the value you’re offering. There is a direct correlation between the value you provide and the price you charge. There are two ways to accomplish this: 

  1. Discounts (temporary or exclusive decrease in price) and
  2. Premiums (additional bonuses that bump up the overall value.) A great offer includes both, maximizing that price/value gap.

5. Rewarding with Temptation

What you’re selling is a solution, but what you’re selling is value. In this section of your sales copy, you should describe all the advantages your customer would reap from purchasing from you, not just the features.

Now is the time to silence any concerns your prospect might have. In addition, you should always offer a quick payoff of some kind. If your product or service doesn’t deliver results immediately, you still want the customer to be enthusiastic about what might happen in the following few minutes. What quick measures can you take to aid them? As for why they should buy today.

6. Credibility and Authority

The presence of social proof reduces anxiety, inspires faith, and establishes credibility among potential customers. You should highlight the number of satisfied customers who have bought your goods or service in any way possible.

Displaying positive feedback, comments, or the number of people that follow you on social media is one way to do this. It would be best to sprinkle this all over your sales pitch, especially before you display the offer or in the purchasing cart. Use ONLY VERIFIABLE SOCIAL EVIDENCE, as it should go without saying. Doing otherwise will lead to your company’s demise.

7. Introduce Scarcity

This is a typical economic word describing a situation where demand exceeds supply. As a marketing strategy, Scarcity implies that a product or service is in short supply and thus more desirable. Creating a sense of Scarcity motivates a potential customer to make an immediate purchase. Its prevalence in everyday life is obvious.

Only two rooms are available at this rate,” as shown when making a hotel reservation. Or when your preferred airline notifies you via email that they are having a seat sale for the next day. We can attest to its efficacy, hence, its continued presence. There is no way around adding the offer to your sales messaging if you want an attractive and productive one. It won’t come off as overly promotional if you do it well.

8. Potential Risk Reduction

At this point in your sales offer, you should have established enough value and trust to get away with disclosing mundane but necessary information like your guarantee, payment terms, and expected purchase terms and conditions.

Customers appreciate knowing exactly what steps will be taken next, that their order and payment information will be kept secure, and that they will receive their purchase promptly and in the manner they selected. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the prospect to make a decision, so these should be written concisely and clearly.

9. Call-To-Action

Tell your potential customers what you want them to do! Incorporate call-to-action language on your opt-in or sales pages.

For instance‚Ķ To book your free spot, please fill out the form below. In copywriting, the single most crucial guideline is this: there should be only one CTA, which should be clear and concise. Only one thing, either signing up or making a purchase, should be on your prospect’s mind at any time.

You can’t post, reply, watch, like, get offer, sign up, and buy all at once. Include the call to action several times in your page or video if your sales message is more than a couple hundred words long. Your first call to action (CTA) should be prominently displayed above the fold, so your prospect does not have to scroll down the page to notice it.

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