How does Amazon sell branded things at high rates of discount?

At the moment, Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the market as you would be able to see that most of the products cover under fulfilled by Amazon or provided by Amazon. Amazon has become one of the biggest E-Commerce brands in the past few years, slashing prices on almost all products and covering the front between discounts and listing prices.

 A major throwback in the short term and long term process is giving a platform to retailers and manufacturers directly to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

Suppose we consider a brand when a manufacturer makes a product until it reaches the end-users. In that case, the price of a product changes from manufacturer to wholesalers and then from wholesalers to retailers and then from retailers to end-users.

This chain has been running for a long time. Thus, the price increase comprises transportation, storage charges, human resources included, shipping and packaging, etc.

For now, Amazon sellers have discovered that the majority, if not all, of the “Amazon Discount” products were used in products sold by merchants using Amazon Fulfillment. FBA is Amazon’s compliance program in which sellers pay a warehouse and shipping orders fee for Amazon. When traders use this program, their products are designated as primary qualifying products. However, Amazon refused to confirm that Amazon’s discounts were on FBA merchandise.

All the charges, when considered for a company, is an expense that the company pays from their pocket but considering Amazon has its package, shipping, storage facility, and human resource, it enables them to efficiently utilize the overall resource and bring the price down which was intended to be paid to external sources.

Hence a product sold on Amazon Marketplace with fulfilled by Amazon title has the least price tag rather than an external product which has to be taken down from the seller and delivered to the end-user.

When we take an example of a brand like Nike or Adidas, Amazon can sell it at a lower cost just because it is a wholesaler and is not liable to pay any external source for storage of the material and sell it for a comparatively less rate to other resources available on the Internet including the companies official websites and open directories.

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