How To Clean Dog Ears at Home?

Your dog’s ears should be inspected and cleaned as part of its regular maintenance. Ear infections, pain, and allergies can all be prevented if canine ear wax is removed at the appropriate time, just as it is for humans.

To ensure your dog’s optimal health, you must maintain a regular schedule of ear cleanings.

Find below some helpful advice on how to clean your dog’s ears.

Clean Dog Ears

Here Are Seven Simple Steps to Clean Your Dog’s Ears at Home

  1. Ideally, your medium-sized or large dog would be relaxing in a chair or on the floor next to you. Carrying a tiny dog can be much easier if you can have it sit on your lap. They should be allowed to choose a relaxing area if they notice wriggling around.
  2. Raise the ear flange of your dog and prop it up between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Holding the bottle opening at the dog’s ear canal, fill the canal with the cleaning solution by gently squeezing the bottle while praising your dog. It would help if you didn’t force the tip too deep into your dog’s ear canal. Dogs may experience anxiety when you attempt to clean their ears. Assuring them, taking things at a slower pace, and giving them positive feedback can all go a long way toward easing their anxiety.
  4. Apply the dog ear cleaning solution and gently massage the ear canal so you can hear it squelching. The massaging action will loosen the debris at the ear canal’s base, allowing it to float to the eardrum’s surface.
  5. Dog ear wipes or cotton wool can remove any leftover cleaner or debris from the ear canal’s outer rim.
  6. Acknowledge your dog’s good behaviour and reward it with some of its favourite treats. Because of this, they will associate ear cleaning with pleasant experiences. To rest and help your dogs relax, you can use a lick mat with some tasty toppings like peanut butter, yoghurt, or soup.
  7. If you want to clean the other ear, repeat the steps from above.
Vet Tip: Dogs do tend to enjoy the massage, but they also tend to shake their heads. So do remember to keep your mouth closed as some cleaner may come flying out!

Things That Must Be Considered

  1. You SHOULDN’T use cotton swabs since there’s a chance you could push them too deep in and injure your inner ear.
  2. Don’t ever stick cotton swabs or ear wipes in your dog’s ears if used elsewhere.
  3. Don’t force your dog to let you clean its ears if it seems uncomfortable; you could hurt either of you. A professional pet groomer or veterinary clinic nurse will be pleased to assist you.
  4. Keep an eye out for signs of relaxation (or anxiety), such as lip licking, yawning, and pawing. Don’t insist if you’re being shown them too often, or they start to back away as you clean their ears. People may not want you to touch their ears if you cause them pain or discomfort. Understanding these cues will help you avoid stressful situations and keep cool under pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my dog’s ears?

You should use the methods above while cleaning your dog’s ears. If you cannot clean your dog’s ears on your own or are worried about causing harm, please contact your local HUFT Spa, where our expert groomers would be pleased to assist you.

What can I clean my dog’s ears with?

To clean your dog’s ears, use only a product specifically for that purpose. You won’t have to worry about causing damage to your dog’s eardrum because these bottles are designed for canine ears. Ears can be cleaned regularly with a pet-safe ear wipe for dogs. It’s important to remember that you should NEVER use cotton swabs to clean your ears since there is a risk of inserting them too deep and inflicting harm on your inner ear. To protect your dog’s ears, you should stay away from home cures containing materials intended for human consumption.

When is the best time to clean a dog’s ears?

Your dog’s ears are easiest to clean when he or she is relaxed. It could happen while you’re getting ready for bed or taking a shower. It may occur in contexts when this isn’t normally expected. Stress from brushing or bathing can be too much for some pets. Ear cleaning on top of that can be too much for them. Ears should be checked monthly to remove any excess wax and ensure no infections.

What are the symptoms of dog ear infections?

Ear infections in dogs manifest themselves in various ways, including itching, scratching, tilting of the head towards the affected ear, an odd smell or discharge, and red, painful ears. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you observe any of these conditions.

My vet has advised against cleaning my dog’s ear? What should I do?

Have faith in your veterinarian. You should refrain from having your dog’s ears cleaned if he or she already has ear problems, such as a perforated eardrum or ear canal irritation. Because of this, you should listen to your vet’s advice about whether or not you should clean your dog’s ears. A second opinion from a reliable veterinarian is available if you’d like one.

My dog hates getting her ears cleaned. What should I do?

Don’t force your dog to let you clean its ears if it seems uncomfortable; you could hurt either of you. Instead, seek the help of a professional groomer or a vet clinic nurse.

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