How to find the Voucher code in Cadbury Choclairs Gold?

Assured Rewards Vouchers, Cashback, and Cadbury Choclairs Gold Promo Code or Batch Code for How to Participate in this New Cadbury Choclairs Gold Chocolate Contest to Join the Scan QR to Win Assured Rewards Vouchers, Cashback Now.

The Cadbury Choclairs Gold is a treasure trove of happiness! Now is the time to claim your Assured Rewards Prizes. No, I haven’t found my Golden Ticket Claim Button yet. Your Rewards Vouchers or Cashback, including the Golden Ticket for Rewards Prizes, can be claimed for the first time or twice now.

To Win Assured Rewards Prizes, We Need to Buy Cadbury Choclairs Gold on the New Latest Launching Now. Until December 31, 2021, the “Scan & Win” Cadbury Choclairs Gold or Cadbury Choclairs Gold Coffee “Scan & Win” promotion is active.

Cadbury Choclairs Gold or Cadbury Choclairs Gold Coffee “Scan & Win” single candies are guaranteed to return Rs.100 Myntra Cashback on every “Scan & Win” candy purchased from September 1 2021 to December 31 2021.

You must purchase a Cadbury Choclairs Gold or Cadbury Choclairs Gold Coffee promo pack to participate in the promotion. You will find a QR code to scan and a six-digit alphanumeric code inside the sweet. Following the instructions on the campaign microsite, you can redeem your rewards by scanning the QR code.

Rewards Prizes –

  • Assured Reward: Rs. 100 Myntra Voucher
  • Rs. 20 Cashback Voucher – 69475 units
  • Rs. 50 Cashback Voucher – 350 units
  • Rs. 200 Cashback Voucher – 175 units
  • Assured Reward: Rs. 100 Amazon Pay E Gift Voucher

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Offer – Scan QR to Win Cashback, Vouchers

  1. Go-to Nearest Stores / Big Bazaar / Retailer Store
  2. Buy Now, Cadbury Choclairs Gold and Please Check It, Mentioned On Scan & Win Rewards
  3. Cadbury Choclairs Gold Rapper Packet & Look at Rewards Scan QR Code Or Promo Code In Inside Pack
  4. Scan QR Code On Your Mobile via Scanner and Redirect to Cadbury Choclairs Gold Rewards Page
  5. Skin 1, 2, 3, 4 Step & Don’t Want To Purchase the Cadbury Choclairs Gold Pack. Visit This Direct Link To Participate Scan & Win Cashback Or Vouchers (Link Here)
  6. Click Below to CLAIM NOW Button On Your Assured Rewards Prizes.

Step 7: Get a Register to fill in The Details to Enter Promo Code, Your Name, Email, and Select Age Group & Please Enter a Valid Phone Number.

Step 8: Tick to 3 Box, and I Agree on T&C & Generate OTP. You WIll receive a 4-digit code to verify next Here.

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Offer

Step 9: You Have Done Successfully for the Complete Registration, and We Will Rewards Prizes A Myntra Or Amazon Vouchers, Cashback Prizes.

Step 10. Then Again, Visit This Direct Link On Participate to Win Golden Ticket (Link Here)

Step 11: Click On Below 2nd Claim Button to Have Your Found Golden Ticket?

Step 12: Fill The Same Details and Generate OTP With Verify OTP On Mobile Number

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Offer

Step 13: You Have Successfully for the Complete Registration, and We Will Rewards Prizes A Ticket Cadbury Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket

Terms and Conditions

  • Campaign Period: This Campaign will commence at 00:01 a.m. September 1 2021, and end at 11:59 p.m. on December 31 2021
  • This Campaign applies to PAN India except for the State of Tamil Nadu as per the Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes Prohibition Act, 1979.
  • You must comply with and satisfy all the required criteria to be entitled to participate in the Campaign, including complying with meeting all eligibility and pre-conditions to win a Prize as set out in these T&Cs.
  • Any breach of these T&Cs, including without limitation any default or failure on Your part to comply with any conditions and requirements relating to winning a Prize or participating in the Campaign, may disqualify You from the Campaign or from winning a Prize.
  • To enter the Campaign, the Participant shall scan the QR code printed on the inner side of the Product’s wrapper, which will lead him/her to the Website. To participate in the Campaign, the Participant must visit the relevant page on the Site and enter the code printed on the inner side of the wrapper of the Product, his/her name, mobile number and email ID.
  • On entering the details above, the Participant will receive a One Time Period ( “OTP”) on their registered mobile number. The Participant will enter the OTP and be redirected to the rewards page of the Website to redeem their Assured Reward.
  • On entering the above details, the Participant should follow the instructions which will come up to receive their Assured Reward. The Assured Reward will be redeemable only on orders placed concerning the catalogue link provided on the Website.
  • If the Participant is a lucky winner of the Lucky Prize in the form of a cashback reward, a unique cashback code and web link, which is, will be sent to the Participant on their registered mobile number within 24 business hours of registering their details on the Website while claiming the Assured Reward. The Participant will visit the web link and follow the process to claim their cash back. The cashback has to be availed by the Participant within 30 days of receiving the cashback unique code and weblink by SMS.
  • The Participant can win a maximum of 3 Assured Rewards per day per mobile number during the Campaign Period. If the Participant has won any Lucky Prize, the Participant will not be eligible to win any more Lucky Prizes.

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