How To Get More Reviews On Hotels?

Here, we’ll break down the value of positive reviews from guests and suggest increasing the number and quality of reviews your business receives.

The significance of reviews and Why they matter

Reviews are extremely important in hotels because they are the only objective feedback potential guests may read before making a booking decision. Savvy vacationers understand that each hotel or vacation rental will show itself in the best light, with glowing reviews and a collection of professionally taken photographs. They prefer to get the information confirmed by a visitor themselves.

Usually, platforms moderate all reviews to ensure they are helpful to future guests and verify they are from actual guests at your hotel. Therefore, you and potential future guests can trust the information in Agoda reviews.

Tourists rely heavily on reviews to make decisions

According to studies, almost all travellers read hotel reviews before making a reservation. Almost eighty-nine per cent of review readers will check out anywhere from six to twelve reviews before making a purchase. That means the reviews left by previous guests are typically the most important factor in determining whether or not you receive a booking.

Ninety-three per cent of shoppers say they rely on online evaluations before making a purchase. To put it another way, tourists place a higher level of faith in authentic evaluations than in any other information source.

The Value of Reviews to a Landlord

Constantly deciding where to put money into upgrading your hotel’s infrastructure, features, and services is a key responsibility of any hotel owner or manager. Recent visitors can tell you exactly what they liked and didn’t like in the form of guest reviews. More reviews mean more information about what your ideal guests want from a hotel.

Reviews don’t matter, do they?

More bookings might be expected from guests who find your establishment highly rated by numerous guests. Your review score won’t have the weight it needs to persuade guests that your property is as great as its score if you only have a handful of reviews. The more positive reviews your business has, the more credible it will appear to potential clients.

Below, we’ve included some suggestions to speed up the process of collecting reviews.

Strategies for attracting more positive comments from guests

1. Provide your visitors with a positive start

Eighty-nine per cent of people, according to studies, will share pleasant experiences while travelling online. Therefore, guarantee that every one of your guests has an unforgettable stay by providing them with nothing but the best in service, amenities, and facilities. Strive for the one-of-a-kind and out-of-the-ordinary to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

2. Send a thoughtful welcome present accompanied by a heartfelt note!

An easy way to get more positive ratings is to write a note with a welcome gift thanking guests for staying at your place and politely ask them to rate their experience in the hotel. You can foster the desired favourable impression by tying the present to the evaluation. Guests are more likely to feel appreciated when they get communications tailored to them individually.

3. Incorporate Visual Cues as Reminders

Stickers and pamphlets can be strategically placed about the property as further physical reminders to guests. In addition, the idea of submitting a review may be subconsciously planted in their thoughts when they see the message repeated in many places.

4. Remind your Guests during checking out

During checkout, amaze your guests with a gift, like a set of postcards and a heartfelt request for feedback in the form of a review. You can even tell them that an email from Agoda containing a simple link to enable them quickly and easily write a review would be greatly appreciated.

During the checkout process, ask someone face-to-face. Staff members frequently inquire as to the satisfaction of departing guests. Guests can easily post a review by replying to the email Agoda will provide after their Stay. If asked, 77% of consumers say they would write a review. So, ask!

6. Be sure to let them know how much their opinions matter to you

Every one of us craves that coveted sense of significance. Tell your guests that their opinions will help improve your business and the experience of other vacationers. Inform them that their written reviews are being read and considered by upper management so that they can make changes based on their input. When guests check out, it’s important to get feedback “so that we know what to improve for your future stay.”

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