How To Migrate Website To 10Web?

This is the instructions for moving your website to 10Web with minimal effort. When you move your site to 10Web, you’ll immediately increase your PageSpeed score to 90 or higher, access all of 10Web’s features, and eliminate hours of manual work.

Using the 10Web Manager Plugin, you can easily transfer all your sites from another host to 10Web with a click.

Automatic migration will make a copy of your website on 10Web hosting without affecting your live website.

After you have created an account with 10Web, you will see 2 options:

  • Create a website Use Ai templates or themes
  • Migrate your website and Get a 90+ PaseSpeed score

Let’s take a look at how to migrate your website to 10Web.

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Automated 1-click migration

  1. Click on the Migrate your website button
  2. Click on the download button to download the 10Web Manager Plugin
  3. Go to the WordPress admin of the website you want to migrate
  4. On the left of the WP admin dashboard, click on Plugins
  5. At the top of the plugins page, click on Add New
  6. Click on Upload Plugin
  7. Click on choose file or drag and drop the 10Web Manager plugin into the field.
  8. Click Install Now
  9. Once the plugin has been installed, click on Activate Plugin. Activation of the plugin will redirect you to the 10Web dashboard.
  10. Choose a datacenter
  11. Click Migrate to start automatic migration of your website
1. Enter a subdomain. This subdomain is temporary. You can always change this by pointing your domain to 10Web.
2. While your website is being migrated, you can enable the push notification to be notified as soon as the migration is complete.

Clicking the score in the top left corner of your website thumbnail or the Automated Optimization button under your website image will show you your PageSpeed score after the migration. To have 10Web re-evaluate your site’s PageSpeed, click the Recheck button.

Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix are two other tools you may use to evaluate your transferred website’s performance.

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