How to move an SSL Certificate from one Server to Another?

There are occasions when domain transfers from one server to another necessitate the question of what to do with the SSL certificates associated with such domains. The domain and its SSL certificates can be transferred from one server to another.

You can transfer your Linux/Apache/Nginx server’s certificates to a Windows/IIS server and vice versa. Servers like Windows/IIS and Linux/Apache/Nginx all require their SSL certificates to be in a specified file format, while others like Haproxy and Apache require them to be in .crt or .pem formats, depending on the server in use.

Export the certificates from the server where they are currently installed, and then convert them to the correct certificate format required by the destination server. Export the certificates with their private key and any intermediate certificates that were used in conjunction with that certificate. Exporting SSL certificates from different server kinds, converting them, then installing them in their final destination is what we’re going to talk about today.

If you struggle with the same ask your hosting company and they will help you resolve it.

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