How To Wear Kaftan?

The Kaftan, popular clothing nowadays, resembles a dress with bell sleeves. It is available in either short or long sleeves. This post gives you great advice on how to style your Kaftan.

Originally, the Kaftan was a long robe with buttons that men wore in the Middle East. However, cotton or silk was commonly used for the first kaftans, and they featured longer or at least elbow-length sleeves and a belt or sash to cinch down the waist.

Wear Kaftan

Kaftan Kurti’s rise to fame can be attributed to two main factors: its fashionable appearance and its wearability. Women who want to look trendy these days often choose caftans. Moreover, kaftans are extremely adaptable, and many ways to wear them.

How to Wear Kaftan based on the occasion?

Dressing for the Beach in a Kaftan

Are you anticipating a relaxing time at the beach? First, you should have a nice assortment of kaftans for the beach. As such, it can serve as a chic alternative to a miniskirt. Alternatively, a breezy and light kaftan is a great addition to a bikini or swimsuit. It’ll complement your swimsuit and double as a cover-up on the beach. In addition, when a kaftan is worn over a swimsuit, the skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

For Formal or Casual Occasions

No matter a woman’s size or form, a kaftan is an ideal option for clothing. Further, when donning a kaftan, one must choose which features to highlight and which to downplay. For example, a kaftan Kurti with a low V-neck and long sleeves is a good choice for fuller breasts.

How to Choose the Perfect Kaftan?

Right Length

You can get this dress in a shorter length if you choose, or a longer one. When worn with leggings, a printed midi-length kaftan is excellent for a day at the office, while a shorter kaftan is more appropriate for a more relaxed occasion. However, for formal events like a beach wedding or cocktail party, a long kaftan (at least mid-calf length – floor-length dresses, however, add more flair and sophistication) is appropriate attire. Explore Abhishti Coupon

For formal occasions like a beach wedding or cocktail party, a long kaftan (at least mid-calf length – floor-length dresses, however, add more flair and sophistication) is appropriate attire.

Correct Materialization

When you plan to wear your Kaftan is the most important factor in choosing the proper fabric. A material with many drapes will be a good choice if you’re going for a laid-back, unstructured vibe. But if you are going to a significant event, then. Then, it’s a good idea to round out your ensemble with some accessories made from more expensive materials. Most caftans are constructed from all-natural materials, including cotton, silk, and other natural fibres. Unfortunately, rayon, satin, silk, Georgette, etc., are only a few available varieties.

Right Shoes

The standard rule of thumb must be followed when accessorizing with a kaftan. It states that a printed kaftan can be worn with any skin-bearing shoe. In addition, every heel shape, including pencil and wedge, works. Finally, remember that a simple cotton caftan and high heels are an unexpected combination.

Right Bag

Most kaftans are intended to be worn loose. To avoid upsetting the delicate balance, stick to smaller handbags and totes. However, clutches are a fantastic accessory for a caftan to wear to a formal event or evening party.

Right Accessories

You might look more put together in your Kaftan if you wear numerous lovely jewellery pieces. However, jewellery that makes a bold statement, such as long, heavy necklaces or earrings, should be avoided if the Kaftan already features glistening embellishments.

On the other hand, an elegant watch, ring, belt, or pair of tiny pearl earrings would look great at any event without risking being inappropriate. Alternatively, if your Kaftan is plain and without unique prints, you can jazz it up with a chic necklace and a few understated bracelets.

How to style Kaftan?

Pair it with a miniskirt for a cute look

Caftans are now widely worn and considered part of the current fashion scene. As was previously noted, numerous methods exist to accessorize this piece of clothing. If you’re going for a full fusion look, pairing your caftan with a lovely matching short skirt is a great way to turn heads.

With Shorts

To hang out with pals, what do you wish to wear? It’s a style that’s easy to pull off and will make you feel great. Oh, this is it, just what you were imagining! Putting on a loose caftan with some denim shorts can be the most fashionable and comfy outfit you can wear.

Wearing Leggings

Put on your caftan Kurti with some leggings if you want to feel cosy and secure while getting dressed. To top it all off, you can choose exactly whatever features of your body to highlight, making you feel empowered and happy.

Wear a kaftan and palazzos for a stylish look.

Make a statement, or stay at home! That’s the philosophy to live by when donning your go-to palazzo pants with your favourite Kaftan Kurti. Choose from a long or short kaftan Kurti to combine with palazzo pants. It’s fine to dress in cotton for a daytime outing if you want to be comfortable and informal. But, on the other hand, if you’re going to a formal event, you can add your flair by wearing your favourite accessories.

Turn your Kaftan into a dress.

There are times when a kaftan dress is the best choice. You can wear it to the beach or lunch with the girls. It may be worn in various ways and looks well on most people.