Livpure enters the sleep and wellness market with unique solutions for a refreshing and restful night’s sleep

From Ayurvedic-infused mattresses to cool gel memory foam pillows, the company’s products promise a good night’s sleep and good health.

Good health begins with a good night’s sleep, universally accepted. Good health depends on deep sleep as it is on a healthy diet and regular exercise. A good night’s sleep can increase focus, enhance athletic performance and immunity, and even improve heart health.

A company that makes water cleaners, air conditioners, coolers, purifiers, and other home-focused innovative solutions have branched out into the sleep and wellness market to introduce a series of sleep innovations that aim to improve your quality of life by helping you sleep better at night!

Livpure‘s memory foam mattresses are part of the company’s entrance into the sleep and health market. Five-inch reversible foam mattresses include the Vital; Ortho-X; 6-inch memory foam mattress (Advanced); Regal; 8-inch memory foam & latex mattress; and Naturale; 6/8-inch Ayurveda foam mattresses.

Many of the best-in-class healthful sleep options are available from Livpure, which has built a leading position on the back of several unique selling points (USPs).

The CEO of Livpure, Mr. Pritesh Talwar, said, “In today’s fast-paced world, life is getting more stressful while sleep is becoming more disturbed. Livpure has a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers.” Our sleep habits directly impact our health and well-being; many of us are unaware of this. Backaches, anxiety, poor immunity, and more can result from this.

Therefore, we are introducing Livpure Sleep, a line of memory foam mattresses and pillows designed to let you sleep soundly like a newborn baby!

Livpure was founded in 2012, and its goods have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. Three decades after the company was founded, Livpure has created and bolstered a strong reputation for supplying high-quality products at reasonable prices for its customers.

In addition, Livpure offers a COD option, 100 nights risk-free trial, a 1-year warranty on each device, and free shipping to all customers to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s possible to purchase the company’s sleep innovations on its website ( or through one of its partner sites, including Amazon, Flipkart, and PepperFry (India).

HEKA-powered air conditioners and coolers have been introduced in India for the first time, and the feedback has been highly positive so far for the product. In recognition of the company’s commitment to excellence, cricketing icon Shri Sachin Tendulkar has endorsed Livpure Water & Air purifiers. Mr. Rakesh Malhotra and Navneet Kapoor, the Luminous founders, created the SAR group, which owns Livpure.

According to the CEO, “Livpure’s debut into the sleep and wellness sector is well-aligned with our broader aim to deliver our clients purity and health through various home-focused solutions. For us, this was a logical next step in establishing ourselves as an end-to-end brand for all of our customers’ household needs,” he said.

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