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Magzter, the World’s Leading Digital Magazine to recap With over 70 million users since its start in 2011 and hundreds of magazines and newspapers across 40+ categories and 60+ languages, Magzter Inc. is the world’s largest and fastest growing self-service, cross-platform digital newsstand.

Magzter is a reading platform that features a mobile app (for iOS and Android via the App Store or Google Play) and a website (accessible via any web browser). The Magzter app is the only one of its kind. It allows users to buy magazines and newspapers on any device or platform and then easily transfer those purchases to any other device.

For a monthly fee, Magzter GOLD, the company’s “All-You-Can-Read” membership service, grants digital readers access to 5,000+ magazines and newspapers. Explore Magzter Coupon

With Magzter Smart Reading Zone®, a revolutionary feature powered by Geo-Fencing Satellite technology, customers worldwide may gain instantaneous access to thousands of best-selling magazines, newspapers, and premium articles on the Magzter app without having to purchase them individually.

Prospects for the Digital Magazine Magzter Around the World

Magzter, the biggest digital newsstand, will revolutionize how you read by providing access to thousands of magazines and newspapers. Magzter has magazines and newspapers from 40+ exciting categories, including automobiles, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, news, sports, technology, and travel.

  • By presenting magazine and newspaper pages in adaptable layouts that are automatically adjusted for any size screen, including smartphones and tablets, Magzter’s ezRead feature 2.0 completely revamps the digital reading experience.
  • Use this portal to read the best articles from the most popular periodicals on various riveting subjects.
  • You may now save your favorite books to read offline at your convenience. In addition, you can save your most frequently visited websites as bookmarks for easy access.
  • Smart Reading Zones provide free reading time.
  • Anytime Refund Policy (No Commitments)
  • Get 7 days of unlimited access to 5,000+ magazines, newspapers, and premium content for FREE!