mCaffeine’s Debut Campaign Features Alia Bhatt

To sell the concept of a Caffeinated Shower as a self-date, a 45-second clip mixes the sentiment of the Coffee Date Culture of Millennials with the rising self-love sentiment.

Coffee Body Scrub and Coffee Body Wash from India’s first caffeinated personal care company, mCaffeine, have a new ad campaign. The funny ad campaign stars Alia Bhatt, one of India’s most popular millennials, and it’s all about making your morning shower into a Coffee shower date.

According to their newest addict Alia Bhatt, “Every shower you take is now a coffee date.”

Further, mCaffeine’s creative promotion is meant to give everyone a coffee taste while in the shower.

The 45-second commercial promotes “Caffeinated Showers as Self-Date” by tapping into the nostalgia associated with the millennial trend of coffee dates and the current trend of increased self-love. Alia begins by ranting about the monotony of a typical couple’s coffee outings before describing how the stimulating aroma of mCaffeine’s Coffee-Infused Shower Products will completely change the dynamic of the date.

We are glad to unveil our new campaign with one of the most loved actors in the country—Alia Bhatt, and we are thrilled to have her join the mCaffeine family, says Vaishali Gupta, co-founder and head of marketing. Alia feels that this company shares her values of creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world. As a personal care company catering to millennials, we feature our top-selling items in an ad campaign emphasising taking care of oneself. Having a coffee date with oneself can help you recharge to give full attention to your work without losing momentum.

As Alia puts it, “This association unites my love for coffee and my love for nature.” mCaffeine combines these two pleasures in a way that seems modern and exciting. mCaffeine has been awarded the PETA Vegan and Cruelty-Free Seal of Approval, and the company also boasts a Zero Plastic Footprint. And since they smell like coffee, you can feel good about consuming them while also helping the environment. In addition, you can get a good scrub, and a jolt of energy out of a coffee body wash. In the shower, from now on, you’ll be meeting someone for coffee.

Rajat Singh

Rajat Singh

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