Microsoft has a new email client in the works for Windows 11

Apps that have already been updated for Windows 11 are getting a new look gradually. Microsoft is also developing an email client called Outlook in addition to Paint, Notepad, and Snipping Tool. Codenamed ‘Project Monarch,’ this initiative intends to provide an email client that works across all major operating systems.

New Outlook might be marketed as a relaunch of the mail and calendar application. Microsoft believes it’s time for a truly universal email client because there are so many ways to open Outlook on Windows.

Mail & Calendar is a pre-installed software in Windows 10 and Windows 11 editions. In keeping with Microsoft’s Fluent Design and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) philosophies, the Mail & Calendar app looks similar to the look and feel of Windows 10.

Outlook’s Mail & Calendar app has some drawbacks that make it less popular than Outlook’s original desktop software or even the online app. Microsoft’s goal with the new Outlook app is to bring together all of the Outlook apps into a single programme that can be used on any supported desktop platform.

Outlook for Windows 11: A First Look

One Outlook will have its initial public preview in late March or early April, before being made available to other Insider channels later in the summer. As of right now, the app is expected to be pre-installed with Windows 11 22H2 in the fall of 2022.

For Windows, Mac OS X, and the web, Microsoft claims that One Outlook will be available. Windows 11 and Windows 10 users will have access to the app at first, but it won’t replace the current Mail and Calendar app. On Windows 11, both programmes will be offered side-by-side, rather than forcing users to transfer to new Outlook.

We expect the new Outlook to replace all Outlook apps on Windows 10 and Windows 11 at some point in the future. A date for that has not yet been established.

Outlook app for Windows

Another support document reveals that the new Outlook will have an interface that is very similar to that of Outlook web. For example, as shown in this screenshot of the web-based Outlook software, the corners of the app are rounded and the icons within it have rounded edges.

One Outlook will be compatible with Windows 11’s Start Menu, Taskbar, notifications, and other features, just like the rest of the web apps.

Rumours of a Build 2022 developer conference date have been circulating, and Microsoft is expected to confirm them soon.

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