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There has been a craze since MyGlamm introduced its MyGlamm Survey, the prizes for which are free MyGlamm lipsticks. Lipstick is just the beginning; as you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock an abundance of free cosmetics. Since their introduction in India, MyGlamm products have been staples in my beauty routine.

My blog already features a review of several MyGlamm products, but it is from a year ago. New MyGlamm Products have been introduced, and several new product categories have also been introduced. Seeing the success of a product you admire is incredibly rewarding.

Since I took advantage of the MyGlamm Survey, I figured it would be helpful to provide the readers of this site with the MyGlamm Free Lipstick Survey Link. So you owe me an “indirect” thank you. Also, if you take advantage of the offer and obtain a free MyGlamm lipstick, tag me in a photo on Instagram using the handle @couponzania so I can see it. I’m curious to know what colour you decided on.

  • You can earn a free MyGlamm lipstick valued at Rs.375
  • A Rs 500 gift card
  • 275 MyGlamm points by filling out the survey provided on the MyGlamm website.

In addition to the initial free cosmetics you receive for completing the MyGlamm Survey, you may earn even more by sharing your results with others. Makeup lovers, MyGlamm is your promised land.

Is there a fee I’m not aware of?

I don’t want anyone to be confused about whether or not the lipstick is genuinely free or if there are any additional costs. Therefore the answer is yes, the lipstick is free, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs. Yes, I agree that paying for shipping is a major pain. I, too, abandoned the programme initially, but then saw the prizes and realised how many free MyGlamm items I would receive. Don’t look at me like that; I’m a sucker for free cosmetics too.

Myglamm Lipstick Survey

  1. Complete Below Survey And Order A Free MyGlamm Lipstick
  2. Free MyGlamm Lipstick + Refer & Earn Program
  3. Click Here to Take a Quick Survey
  4. Choose a Shade Of Lipstick
  5. Just Pay Shipping

MyGlamm Is a Brand By Famous Manish Malhotra. You can get free makeup worth up to 5 Lakhs by referring your friends and family to the site through the “Refer and Earn” feature, which can be accessed from the homepage’s “My Rewards” section.

The deal is sweet: for every successful referral, you earn one point, and at 1, 5, 10, and 20 points, you get free cosmetics, and so on.

Myglamm Lipstick Survey: Link

Get Free Lipstick By Completing Survey

MyGlamm Offers: Get Free Lipstick By Completing Survey using the latest verified coupon code, offers & discount …

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