Paytm Money Now has ‘Voice Trading,’ an AI-powered feature

Paytm Money Now has ‘Voice Trading,’ an AI-powered feature. A single voice command can execute a trade or obtain stock information.

The Indian fintech platform has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered speech trading service Paytm’s wholly-owned subsidiary Paytm Money. This service allows users to conduct trades or acquire information about stocks using a single voice command.

For Paytm Money’s efforts to provide next-generation and AI-driven technology that enhances user experience, this service has been launched,” the firm stated in an official release. The voice trading feature uses neural networks and natural language processing (NLP) to process a single voice command in a matter of seconds.

Paytm Money CEO Varun Sridhar stated, “At Paytm Money, our focus has always been on elevating user experience and being the first to harness technology to make investing faster, cheaper, and easier.” “Voice trading” allows consumers to bypass steps 5 to 6 of traditional trading in a dynamic environment by simply speaking commands. With a mobile-first and linked world and the much-anticipated debut of 5G,

We believe that over time, this will improve user experience and deliver more convenience to tech-savvy investors. This is one of the first things we’ve developed using contemporary technologies, said Sridhar.

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A beta version of the platform’s voice trading capability is now available to a small group of users. According to the announcement, it will be available to all customers over the next few weeks.

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