Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun will star in Rapido’s IPL Campaign

Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun will star in Rapido’s IPL Campaign – Ads for ‘Smart Ho, Toh Rapido’ will be shown on TV, radio, OTT, and OOH platforms in stages during the IPL season.

To capitalise on the enthusiasm surrounding the Indian Premier League (IPL), the bike-taxi platform Rapido has announced the start of a star-studded campaign called “Smart Ho, Toh Rapido” (#SmarthotohRapido), which will include actors Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun.

Using humour, the campaign tries to educate potential customers about the benefits of the unique services. As a result of these advertisements, Rapido aims to improve daily commutes and grow its footprint across India, the firm stated.

In the words of Amit Verma, Rapido’s Head of Marketing, “A commonality between Rapido and IPL has been in both our capacities to rethink the existing ecosystem and empower the masses in adopting a new format that promises to alter their lives for the better.

Rapido’s mission is to create a more diverse community by expanding beyond major metropolitan areas, and the IPL does the same. In light of the success of our first campaign, which featured exceptional actors Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun, we’re thrilled to be working with them again to raise awareness about the importance of finding an alternative daily commuting solution that is safe, convenient, comfortable, and affordable, so that we can address the problem of last-mile connectivity.

Other superstars are anticipated to join the league as the campaign progresses.

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On March 24, 2022, the campaign’s first phase will begin airing on TV, radio, and OTT channels. Films for Hindi-speaking and non-Hindi-speaking markets will be made by Sizil Srivastava (HSM) and Trivikram Srinivas (Non-HSM), respectively, as part of a $20 million campaign (Non-HSM).

The 12-week campaign, which Dream Vault Media is producing, will feature Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun in the roles of Babban and Guru, two witty and intelligent characters. Daily commuters who are tired of the inconveniences of public transportation will be persuaded to adopt a more innovative alternative like Rapido, thanks to their quirky and engaging characters. Rapido’s bike taxis can zip through the gridlock to provide timely, convenient, and affordable journeys.

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