Redcliffe Labs Is Enhancing Corporate Operations Through Digital Channels

All aspects of medical diagnosis have gone computerised, from laboratories to patient records. Around 200 million people have taken COVID tests at home in two years. Routine pathology tests are also being performed at home, implying that everything is digital. “The entire mechanics is fully digital,” Redcliffe Life Diagnostics founder Dheeraj Jain stated.

In the field of pathology, Redcliffe Lab is a go-to resource. For example, it offers full-body checkups, genomic and specific genetics testing (Covid tests, blood sugar, prescription-based tests), etc. The company currently serves Twenty-plus towns and cities.

Jain wants Redcliffe Labs to become a digitally first organisation by using real-time and fully automated procedures. In the field, all processes are completely automated. For example, clients may make an online booking through the Redcliffe Labs mobile app or website, subsequently transmitted to a central system, an in-house designed CRM. A phlebotomist then collects the blood samples from the doorsteps due to this method pushing the booking.

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An in-house developed mobile application keeps the phlebotomist up to date in real-time.

Like Zomato or Uber, or an Ola app, the phlebotomy app provides sample pick-up and drop information. A rider collects samples from phlebotomists between 6 and 9 a.m. and delivers them to the lab by 11 a.m., after the phlebotomist hands over the pieces to them.

They, too, use a mobile app to perform their duties. Utilise AI-ML to learn more about your customers. As soon as the clinical reports are generated, AI-ML is deployed in the company’s backend. With the help of AI-ML, this system can forecast health and lifestyle based on many factors such as a person’s medical history and other data points. Reversing the diseases naturally is something we’re focusing on.

Using AI and machine learning, we can compare the diseases and a big set of data from our clinical reporting. As a final step, Jain will make consumer recommendations and suggest how to reverse a specific chronic ailment.

Three years ago, Redcliffe Labs began offering genetic testing. It’s all done here: They sequence one gene, collect a lot of data, and then compare it to the worldwide database. Golden helix, an AL-ML tool, is being used here. Golden helix is in charge of compiling genetic testing results and submitting them to the appropriate authorities. In addition, an internal AI-ML tool and other analytical tools are being used by the company to increase market insights, which will allow them to establish a laboratory in a new city.

It’s also being used for onboarding new employees, payroll, incentive programmes, and training and development to streamline the HR operations at Redcliffe Labs. A firm called inFeedo has developed an application dubbed “Amber” that they are using.

Using a conversation with an AI bot, this tool can foretell an employee’s next iteration. The device measures the level of participation and predicts the company’s culture. Using digital tools to boost the company and a MetaBase-based business intelligence tool, This application provides a wealth of information about every aspect of the company’s development, from the number of conversions to the actual collection. Additionally, it gives insight into phlebotomist productivity and calls centre productivity.

There are fifteen members of Jain’s technological staff working on this project. Scientists, data analysts, nutritionists and other health professionals make up the team.

Health promotion is the primary goal of our use of modern digital tools.” Predictive analytics has the greatest potential to provide deeper consumer insights, both clinical and lifestyle,” Jain said.

Redcliffe Labs are using AI-ML methods to reverse the impact of diseases spontaneously. Many conditions are compared with a vast amount of data, and AI and ML techniques are employed to make recommendations for patients, including reversing a specific chronic disease.

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