Remove Short Description On Mobile In Rehub Theme

Since Google announced, Mobile-first indexing publishers started to focus on how the websites look on smartphones & mobile devices. Let’s work on removing the short description of store pages in the mobile version of the ReHub Theme.

REHub is a cutting-edge hybrid theme with a wide range of potential uses. There are a variety of cutting-edge eCommerce and business website models covered by this theme. Depending on your needs, you can set up and use each component independently or bring them all together in one place. Advanced WordPress features that other themes don’t have were built with the help of the latest industry trends and the greatest unique SEO tools.

The Problem

The store page’s short description fills the mobile version with information not needed on mobile devices (Needed Only in the Desktop version) and covers the store’s offers. See the image below:

Rehub Theme Store Short Description

If the offers are not displayed just after the store logo, it creates confusion for the visitors. This is how it looks when it is fixed. store page mobile

Here is the code you should put in Theme Options > General Options > Custom CSS

@media (max-width: 768px) {
.mt15.font80.lineheight20.text-left-align.rtltext-right-align {
    display: none;
.rh_category_tab.widget.rh-cartbox.rehub-sec-smooth {
    display: none;

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