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The adjective “fastest” is used a lot by WordPress hosting providers. However, how many of these firms can back up their claims? It’s a hollow promise for the majority of people. In contrast, at, we’re obsessed with website speed.

Since the beginning of our operations, we’ve placed a high value on speed. This is why we’ve embarked on a quest for lightning-fast WordPress hosting to enable businesses and creators of all stripes to build and host websites that provide results.

While looking at, I was surprised to discover the same thing on nearly every hosting company’s website. “They’re 200-300 times faster” or “Google Cloud makes them the fastest?.”

Unfortunately, those assertions were and remain unsubstantiated. While working at a CDN with 15Tb/s+ bandwidth, they constantly confronted angry WordPress users who couldn’t receive their desired speed. Because their hosting provider instructed them to use the CDN incorrectly (just for static files), and because they were scaling PHP rather than their content, they had this issue in the first place.

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Configuring and utilizing a CDN is no easy task, but focusing on PHP speed in one area is outdated thinking. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, They chose to build the quickest and most secure managed WordPress hosting platform on the edge of the cloud, all of which does not require any configuration on their part.

Exploded Core Web Vitals Success

We’ve all lost our patience as a society. Even a one-second delay might have a detrimental impact on your site visitors’ overall experience. For example, you may see an increase in bounce rates when this happens.

Take this into account. You’re curled up on the couch, your feet up on the coffee table, and your Roku remote in hand, ready to stream your favorite Netflix shows. When you first start the Netflix app, it begins loading, but it pauses after about a quarter of the way through. You begin to worry if the service is faulty when it doesn’t show up at all.

Your website is no different. It’s much more likely that visitors will leave your site if they encounter a delay in getting what they’re looking for. If your site takes an extra second to load, Google estimates your bounce rate to rise by 32%. Visitors are less inclined to return to your site if they find what they’re looking for elsewhere, especially if the other site is significantly faster.

Owners of websites go into difficulties. It’s difficult to strike the right balance between pleasing search engines and offering an excellent user experience to your website’s users. Optimizing for bots and humans is a tricky balance.’s 70ms Global TTFB removes network latency, providing more freedom in your content rendering by slashing 800ms-8s off your FCP’s rendering time.

Couponzania Pagespeed Insight Results

Some programs can make websites appear broken for a brief period to achieve the best possible page speed score. Sideloading CSS rather than creating and storing important CSS in the document.

However, as an actual human and a Googlebot, this makes me assume the site is malfunctioning and possibly even hacked/not to be trusted.

When you work with, you can take advantage of things like crucial CSS creation and delivery on an industry-leading 70-millisecond TTFB around the world, allowing you to optimize for both humans and machines.

Get the fastest WordPress hosting possible to avoid bad effects on your business.

For a better overall SEO, page speed is essential

Page speed is a direct ranking element, according to Google. Even if you’ve only read a few articles on SEO, you know that ignoring Google is a huge mistake. So, pay attention.

Google’s Core Web Vitals emphasize page speed. Please take action to improve your website’s speed now that Google has shifted its attention to the user experience. Ensure that your site is hosted on the quickest WordPress hosting, and take all required efforts to optimize other aspects of your site to improve performance.

Just How Fast Is WordPress Hosting?

At, we regularly run tests to ensure you’re receiving the fastest WordPress hosting in the world. Just how fast is’s WordPress hosting? Pretty darn fast!

Why is the fastest WordPress Hosting in the world compared to our competitors

It’s clear to see that they outperformed their rivals. They’re committed to ensuring that we remain the fastest WordPress hosting service available. Since we’re constantly testing and improving, you can rest assured that your website will do well due to our efforts.

They believe that openness is a powerful tool. While many companies claim to offer the fastest WordPress hosting, our team has set out to prove it time and time again. Whenever someone visits our site, they can see current information on how fast they are. Here, there’s nothing to conceal. The proof is in the following paragraphs.

TTFB is important when measuring how fast a website loads around the world

Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Numerous proxy servers and data centers spread throughout the globe make up a content delivery network (CDN). Whenever a user accesses your website from anywhere in the world, the cached material from that server is used to speed up delivery.

Fastest WordPress Hosting with Cloudflare

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN powers Your hosting package from includes Cloudflare as standard, at no extra charge to you (a $6,000 monthly value with no hidden expenses). The end effect is that response times are 2-3x faster than Google Cloud, Amazon, and Azure.

Enterprise CDN from Cloudflare eliminates the need for cumbersome plugins. Off-server optimizations compress, load, and resize images to improve performance immediately and at no extra cost.

Through our cooperation with Cloudflare,’s WordPress servers are strategically located worldwide. We have more than 250 edge locations in our network, so your site will load faster and be more secure.

Cloudflare Enterprise: Are you convinced? It’s an obvious choice. It’s a huge gain for your website, and it’s free for you as a customer.

What do you get?
  • Real 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Fastest Website ever!

Is the loading time of your WordPress website a source of frustration for you? Let’s discuss the quickest WordPress hosting available,, and how they can move your site there.

Their team of professionals is ready and waiting for your call. Most owners have had to transfer hosting providers throughout a website’s existence several times. They’re convinced that once you’ve made the switch to, you won’t look back.

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If you’re looking for a hosting web service, you should expect the best customer care, lightning-fast speeds, and ease of use. To help you expand your business, we’re reimagining how the world sees your WordPress site and are excited about the opportunity to work with you.

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