Shoes That Match Your Ethnic Looks

When you’ve meticulously planned every aspect of your favourite outfit in your head—from the top down, including the accessories and makeup—only to realise that you’re missing the perfect pair of shoes to finish off your ensemble. The decision to completely revamp one’s appearance has finally been made. You try on a new blouse, new slacks, and new earrings, only to realise that the earrings don’t match the rest of your outfit. So, you either revert to your original ensemble or come up with some last-minute jugaad to make do.

However, what do you do if you need to accomplish this while wearing your traditional Indian garb? It’s common knowledge that last-minute adjustments to your western style are less hassle than those you might have to make to your ethnic attire. Unfortunately, such cannot be said of our Indian products.

A few Kurtis, pyjamas, skirts, and perhaps two lehengas are all you own. In a situation like this, you must settle for an inferior pair of shoes. Let’s face it. The right pair of shoes can make or ruin an ensemble, but we rarely acknowledge its importance. As a result, you can’t afford to wait until the last minute to choose the perfect pair of shoes to complement your ethnic ensemble. Because of this, it’s crucial to be aware of the absolute necessities when it comes to shoes of a particular ethnicity.

Fortunately, Zouk has everything you could want for the holiday season. The following is a list of shoes a woman should have in her closet to avoid the stress of scrambling to find something to wear the night before an important event like a wedding or family reunion.

1. Classic Chappals

Classic Chappals

Most of us probably already have a pair of chappals hanging in our closets. This is the safest and most foolproof option if you don’t grasp your shoe options. The charm of the chappal lies in the fact that it was first designed in India, the land of our ancestors. Since the beginning of time, both men and women in India have worn chappals.

Thus, you may rest assured that you won’t make a mistake using these to accessorise any traditional Indian ensemble. The most adaptable choices include prints like Mysore Garden and Chamoli Motif for a chappal to match with a kurta pyjama or a basic Anarkali suit. At the same time, Kadapa Garden or Hooghly Marine would be great if you like a more floral or solid style.

2. Pair of Sandals


The sandal is one shoe we can always rely on, even on the worst days. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the train in the rain or not! You need something with a firm hold over your feet if you intend to spend the evening dancing, running around, or working nonstop.

Sandals keep your feet safe and sound from the ankle up, giving you the boost you need to go through the day without sacrificing your beautiful good looks. It’s entirely up to you if you want to adopt a more laid-back or dressier vibe.

3. Braided Sandals

Wear these flat sandals with your kurta pyjamas or whenever you don’t feel like getting dressed.

4. Roman Gladiators


These are for the times when you need to step up your style a notch. An opulent wedding or a black-tie office party both fit this category. The sandals’ pointy toes look edgier than the rest of the pack.

5. Bellies

Simply put, these are a simplified version of our traditional mojaris. A mojari with elaborate embroidery might not be the best choice when opting for a more relaxed or fusion Indian-Western style.

Consequently, Umaid Diamond Bellies are the right footwear choice when you want to wear the fusion of indo-western, and Charminar Jaali Bellies are the right footwear choice for the times when you want to seem primarily Indian without looking too heavy.

6. Mules


Mules are just bellies without the ankle support of traditional footwear. If you’re the type of person who gets a rash or a shoe bite after wearing shoes for too long, mules are a safe option. Mules are great when you have to frequently take your shoes on and off since they don’t constrict your ankles and are comfortable.

Such as on the plaza in front of a temple or when you have to go upstairs and downstairs to ensure everything is for a party. If your heels have started to bother you, they will be the shoes you reach for most.

Just a Hint More

We’re all for keeping things low-key and understated, except when there’s a huge Indian party and everyone needs to look their best. You should not be dressed humbly at either your best friend’s sangeet or your personal Diwali party. Also, it would help if you didn’t always wait for a special event to dress up. If it fits, put it on. Simple. You should include at least one pair of blingy or adorned shoes in your collection of ethnic footwear for those days when you want to stand out a little more. These should be purchased at Zouk’s Embellished Sliders. These classic slide sandals are suitable for any event thanks to their chic combination of glitzy golden chain accents and understated braided straps.

Although it may seem impossible, choosing women’s ethnic footwear that is both fashionable and functional should not be so challenging as long as you have a clear sense of your style. So, remember that the secret to looking like the queen you are is to know your taste in clothing and accessories, your preferences in footwear in terms of both comfort and design, and to tailor your entire ensemble to how you’re feeling on any given day.

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