StockEdge Review: Detail Analysis In Stocks

People in India have traditionally found trading and investing to be difficult endeavours. As a general rule, investing money in stocks is looked down upon as a form of immoral and risky speculation. Young and old investors are often compelled to exist solely on their paychecks. Too many people stay in dead-end occupations for too long because they fear letting their money grow.

In other words, “the stock market is not the place to put your money to work for you.” The saying goes, “Bade bade log bahot paisa dooba chuke hai isme.” In Hindi: “Thode se paise dekh liye to chaska chadh gaya.” These statements cut deep into the feelings of every would-be investor and discourage them from attempting to participate in the Indian stock markets.

On the other hand, India has been preparing for the stock market and investing with enormous zeal. As a result, the importance of learning to analyze stocks and manage money has also risen. Today, a wide variety of options exist to meet these demands. In this article, we’ll look at StockEdge, a versatile programme that helps traders accomplish all of those above and more.

StockEdge Overview

The Business

The two founders of StockEdge, Vivek Bajaj and Vineet Patawari graduated from the Indian Institute of Management in Indore in 2016. Developed by Kredent Infoedge, a division of the Kredent group specializing in education, the stock analysis tool is available to all clients.

The Interface

Today we’ll look at the StockEdge platform’s web-based desktop client. You won’t notice many differences between the web-based client and the app or desktop client versions of the platform. Each of the three interfaces is virtually identical.

Stockedge Dashboard

The NIFTY and SENSEX indexes are prominently featured on StockEdge’s first viewable card, right at the top of the homepage. The second and third cards feature the NIFTY 50 and NIFTY 500 indexes, respectively.

There are three distinct parts to the interface. Equity, Mutual Fund, My StockEdge, Education, and Additional Resources are some options available from the menu on the left. All of the sections above’ respective central contents can be found here. You can also access the Info, Notes, and Club tabs from the slide-in menu that appears on the right.

Although the left and right navigation menus are collapsible, they appear in their larger states at the initial page load. When all menus are shown at once, the page’s content looks chaotic.

Now that we’ve covered the website’s design let’s examine StockEdge’s functionality more deeply.

StockEdge Features

StockEdge is a web-based research tool that offers coverage of both stocks and mutual funds. The website’s main draw is that it can act as a “diary” for the investor. The website is designed to meet the demands of both novice and seasoned investors. In particular, the platform has the following features:


Here, StockEdge details the many stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Explore, and Analytics are sub-sections of Equities.

  • Fundamentals of the stock market and related topics are covered in Explore. For example, you can learn about initial public offerings (IPOs), recent bulk deals (bulk purchases), active investors, and stocks organized by industry. Investors with a longer time horizon who analyze stocks based on their fundamentals may find this section particularly useful.
  • A greater degree of technical depth can be found in the analytics subsection. Scans, investing themes, investor portfolios, tactics, etc., can all be found on the analytics tab. This section’s data is more concentrated on price changes and, as a result, more profitable for traders.

Mutual funds

A similar Explore and Analytics feature can be found in the mutual fund section.

  • Various Asset Management Companies (AMCs), fund classes, plans, etc., are displayed for users under the Explore tab.
  • Access MF Investment Themes and AUM analysis in the Analytics area.

My StockEdge

The app’s My StockEdge feed provides users personalized information about the best and worst-performing stocks on their watchlists.


Learn serves as StockEdge’s educational hub. This section contains written and video guides on a wide range of stock market topics.

Additional Features

  • The platform’s extra features also facilitate accessibility and personalization.
  • You can get context-specific details about the page you’re seeing by clicking the I icon on the right.
  • Users can add personal notes to various securities using the “Notes” function, which will appear in reverse chronological order anytime that security is accessed. Users can transform StockEdge into a “diary” for their financial transactions through this function.
  • The most current StockEdge Club posts can be viewed by clicking the “Club” button, which is part of the StockEdge Premium Paid subscription tier.

Let’s look at StockEdge’s membership pricing now that we’re talking about its subscription options. A number of them exist, that’s true.

StockEdge Pricing

There are two tiers of premium membership available at StockEdge. The two tiers available are premium, at ₹399/month, and Club, at ₹1,999/month.

Company filings, advanced scans, the interactive edge chart, CSV downloads, business houses, combination scans, investment themes, investor portfolios, strategies, mutual fund investment themes, taking notes, advanced filters, and ad removal are all available to Club and Premium members alike.

In addition to these perks, Club members also have access to the forum and a single webinar every month. With the Club’s built-in community features, members can talk to one another about their investment strategies and trends.

In comparison to the additional ₹1,600/month for just one more webinar and community features, the $399 premium membership seems like a better investment.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of StockEdge:


  • You may use StockEdge for more than just screening and analysis of stocks. Every one of an investor’s needs, from the most inexperienced to the most seasoned, can be met by this one central hub of information and resources.
  • Stockedge features a mutual fund area, while most other screeners only cover stocks and shares.
  • Using StockEdge can be a uniquely individual experience thanks to the “Notes” function.


  • Despite StockEdge’s extensive capabilities, only a subset of them is accessible to customers. For example, according to StockEdge, 80% of the content on its website is available at no cost. While this may seem like a truthful assertion, the platform’s reliance on two paywalls to restrict access to its content greatly undermines any such claim.


The CoV-19 epidemic has had mixed effects on the stock market. The effects of lockdown limits on output and staffing might be seen in the market. On the other hand, the attitude of the average Indian citizen regarding the stock market underwent a dramatic shift due to these lockdowns, which was unexpected but ultimately positive.

The Indian public, especially the young, took an instant fancy to the bourses during the epidemic, which may have been due to the increased free time available to the people or the desire for a better income source than whatever could be squeezed out during the pandemic. And the figures support the facts, with retail investors in India increased by an unprecedented 1.04 crore in the years after the epidemic of 2020.

This pattern of behaviour was not an isolated incident. A further 1.42 crore individuals participated as retail investors in 2021.

An increasing number of Indians are becoming financially literate, which is good news for stock market software like StockEdge.

In conclusion, I have not formed any strong feelings one way or the other about StockEdge. Although the website’s functions and performance are straightforward, the site’s design and pricing structure leave something to be desired.

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