Superbottoms Will Try A Record In The ‘Great Cloth Diaper Change Event

For its Great Cloth Diaper Change event on April 27 across 12 cities in India, Superbottoms, India’s leading eco-friendly cloth diaper brand, will seek to break the record for the giant simultaneous switch to reusable cloth diapers. In addition, to commemorate Earth Day on April 22, a worldwide movement called the “Great Cloth Diaper Change” is being planned.

On that day, more than 5,000 environmentally conscious parents in 50 different countries, including India, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the United States, will all make the switch to using reusable modern cloth diapers. Superbottoms is hosting the India chapter, which already has more than 400 parent signups.

On April 27 at 11 a.m., all registered participants will switch from disposable plastic diapers to any reusable cloth diaper to raise awareness about the importance of using environmentally friendly and sustainable diapers for babies. “Safe for infants and less harmful to the environment than disposable diapers, eco-friendly options are urgently needed.

We Indians know all about the advantages of the time-tested ‘langot,’ and we continue to utilise it. The benefits of a langot are combined with the convenience and superior absorbency of a disposable diaper in cloth diapers. Superbottoms is honoured to serve as the representative of the India chapter of The Great Diaper Change.

Through this gathering, we hope to promote further the benefits of using cloth diapers for babies and increase the number of parents who choose to use them. We have complete faith in this product category again thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from mothers, “Pallavi Utagi, the CEO and founder of Superbottoms, put it.

Compared to disposable diapers, modern cloth diapers are better for the baby’s skin, are more environmentally friendly, and are cheaper. They are as convenient as disposable diapers but have superior performance because of their particular dry-feel layer and lengthy hours of absorbency.

Superbottoms Cloth Diapers are India’s first Safety Tested Cloth Diaper brand according to US safety standards. The company is actively working to raise public knowledge of the benefits of reusable cloth diapers.

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