List of Top 10 Men’s Grooming Brands In India

Indian men who take their grooming seriously would like these top 10 best men’s grooming brands, including products ranging from beard growth oils to skin-lightening creams.

Men’s grooming has become a multi-million dollar industry in the last few years. Men’s grooming is no longer an untapped market in India, thanks to the efforts of numerous domestic and international companies.

The demand for men’s grooming products has soared in India as men become more aware of their cleanliness and care. This led to the rise of numerous grooming product companies catering specifically to Indian guys.

These “Top 10 Best Men’s Grooming Brands in India in 2023” have raised the bar for male grooming goods in India and given MANkind fresh reason to be optimistic.

In India, the history of men’s grooming products

Gillette, Nivea, Old Spice, and the like used to dominate the Indian men’s grooming products market. Aftershaves, shaving cream, and hair oils were all that men had to choose from when it came to grooming items.

For males these days, there is a wide variety of products to choose from, such as fairness creams, peel-off masks, oils for beard growth, and even beard wax. It’s hard to believe that there are hundreds of male grooming products on the market and that corporations are putting millions of dollars into marketing and R&D for them.

Best Men’s Grooming Brands In India 2023

Brand NameStores
The Man CompanyVisit Store
Bombay Shaving CompanyVisit Store
BeardoVisit Store
Man MattersVisit Store
Men’s XPVisit Store
UstraaVisit Store
Let’s ShaveVisit Store
Nivea MenVisit Store
Garnier MenVisit Store
Forest EssentialsVisit Store

And with that, we conclude our look at India’s top 10 Men’s Grooming Brands. Comment below if we have left out your favourite brand.

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