Top 10 Sandals Brand in India

Here are our picks for the best sandals for men and women in India in 2022. Sandals are a must-have for summer, and some of the best brands are surprisingly affordable.

It isn’t easy to compile a list of the top 10 sandals brands in India for 2022. However, you can’t stop wondering who provides the highest quality goods at the most affordable prices while remaining on-trend. You have many questions to answer and many options in terms of brands to select from.

Competition among the many high-quality sandal brands available in the Indian market can make it difficult to pick the best pair.

Sandals are one of the most adaptable shoe styles, available in various colours, materials, and styles. You may look amazing in them with everything from a dress to jeans. However, picking the perfect pair of sandals is a major challenge. It would be great if someone could tell you which sandal manufacturers have the finest reputations in India.

Lee Cooper

Since Lee Cooper is considered a fashion statement in India, it is one of the greatest sandal brands. This label introduces a new wave of western fashion to the Indian market and reimagines what it means to be fashionable.

Lee Cooper, a classic British denim manufacturer, entered the Indian market at the turn of the millennium and has seen steady growth.

Their slogan, “the fabric of London,” captures the aspirational quality of Lee Cooper perfectly. Among consumers in developed countries, the name is well-known and respected. Beautiful craftsmanship characterizes Lee cooper’s creations.

It’s no secret that Lee Cooper makes some of the most fashionable and adaptable sandals. Every contemporary man should aspire to have a pair of Lee Cooper’s exquisite formal sandals in his wardrobe.

Due to its distinctively British aesthetic and high perceived value among Indian consumers, Lee Cooper stands out in that country’s market. Lee cooper is undeniably one of India’s top 10 sandals manufacturers since it consistently incorporates cutting-edge styles into designs that appeal to the widest possible demographic.

Overall, Lee cooper is an excellent label from which to purchase footwear. It boasts high brand value, numerous desirable features, and a plethora of customizable possibilities.


Bata is a popular brand of sandals in India. Why? For the simple reason that the Indian people can’t live without Bata. Although Bata is one of India’s oldest sandal manufacturers, that doesn’t make its products dated.

Bata’s new tagline is “unexpected bata,” With good reason, the company has revamped its image from an outdated mainstay to a forward-thinking innovator.

Bata features an extensive selection of business attire, cocktail attire, everyday wear, hosiery, and outdoor clothing. Bata is unparalleled in its high standards of quality and comfort, and it caters to the requirements of its users. There are sandals at Bata for everyone, from your grandmother to your sister.

Bata’s reliability is a major factor in the company’s rise to the top of India’s top 10 sandals brands. Bata is a trusted brand in India because of its high quality and long lifespan in the sandal industry. Bata sandals are reliable and long-lasting due to their sturdy construction.

The combination of Bata’s high levels of comfort, dependability, affordability, widespread appeal and, of course, chicness earns it the top spot on our list.


Regarding high-quality leather sandals, Indian company Woodland is among the best. It provides high-quality footwear and fails to be dissatisfied in any way. Woodland is a corporation with roots in Canada. Creating the ideal leather shoe is what inspired the founding of Woodland.

Spreading throughout India in the early 1990s, Woodland became an instant success after introducing a new type of product to the country: premium leather stitched shoes. Later, Woodland branched out into the market for outdoor-oriented clothing and footwear.

Forest Footwear, better known as Woodland, is widely recognized as a leading provider of high-calibre outdoor footwear. For example, the greatest leather sandals for men are said to be made by Woodland, a household name in the sandal industry. Woodland’s shoes are exceptional quality and may be a bit more expensive than you’d like, but fear not—they’re well worth it.

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Woodland makes the ideal sandals for those who have an insatiable appetite for extreme activities and regularly engage in risky, uncharted endeavours.

Woodland wants to make “Proplanet footwear” because they care about the environment. So you’ll notice the high quality immediately if you’re in the market for leather sandals, dress shoes, or adventure sports footwear.


Nike Coupon

You can find some of the best men’s sandals from top brands at Nike. Nike is dedicated to providing its consumers with affordable, athletic clothing without sacrificing comfort or performance. When creating its products, Nike is committed to using methods that will last for the long term and benefit both the company and its customers.

They frequently upgrade their footwear with cutting-edge technology that customers love. Nike’s goal is to define the future of athletic footwear by developing cutting-edge technologies that simplify and enhance the user experience. Converse and Jordan are other popular sportswear brands that may trace their roots back to Nike Inc.

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The Converse brand of shoes is both well-known and reliable. Converse sneakers are more of a casual street style. Conversely, Jordans are a high-end sneaker and shoe brand meant to make a statement. Nike’s wide variety of collections and price points shows that the company cares about their customers.

Nike’s ancestors are from the United States. Nike’s success in India is largely attributed that all of the company’s products and ads feature a strong Western influence. The brand’s amazing designs, novel footwear, and affordable price points make it widely available in the Indian market.


Regarding sandals for ladies, Adidas has the best selection in India. The company has built a solid reputation because of its high-quality customer service, extensive product selection, and reasonable prices. As a result, Adidas is a household name in India and a fashion staple for young people across the country.

In India, Adidas has sparked a new trend of relaxed sportswear. Because of the variety of sandal designs Adidas offered, it quickly rose to the top 10 in that country’s market. Adidas is well-known as a manufacturer of high-quality running shoes, providing various cutting-edge options.

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All styles are developed with the needs of the trendy Indian market in mind. The average Indian wears an Adidas shoe because it strikes the ideal balance between trendy Western styles and traditional Indian comfort.

Anyone who wears Adidas can attest to the brand’s reputation for quality and comfort. Each pair of shoes is crafted with care using premium materials to guarantee consistency in design and construction.

Ultraboost, Predator, Nemeziz, Copa, X, Home of classics, Nite Jogger, etc., are just a few of the many lines available from Adidas. Each set has a unique aesthetic and is well-thought-out. Adidas offers a wide variety of styles to pick from.


Women all around India know and love the sandals from Metro because they are the greatest. Metro is the place to go if you have trouble with your footwear. Don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a shoe store; Metro Shoes will save the day whether it’s a lack of selection, the wrong size, shoes for a party, or uncomfortable slippers.

Every Indian woman adores her Metro shoes, and the brand is widely respected in Indian homes. You can find the best things in variety, style, comfort, and cost. Metro is a one-stop shop where you can get the ideal pair of shoes for any event, as they stock various labels.

Metro is among the most sought-after names in women’s sandals because of its generous markdowns, special deals, and seasonal specials. You may splurge on as many pairs of shoes as you like throughout the holiday seasons because Metro always has amazing sales and prices.

Metro’s goal is to become everyone’s go-to store for shoes. Various sizes, hues, patterns, and manufacturers are all available. There are Metro Shoe stores all around the United States. Its mission is to provide stylish and comfortable footwear at a fair price.


When it comes to Khadims, one of the top sandal manufacturers for men in India, the brand is particularly popular among the country’s working-age male population. This is because the men’s sandals from Khadims are both fashionable and dapper.

Khadims’ aesthetic is traditional and Indian. Khadims, which began in India in the 1980s, is a reputable manufacturer of men’s sandals known for its high standard of craftsmanship.

In 2011, Khadims was named India’s third-most-trusted footwear brand. Khadims is an established sandal label from India that boasts reasonably priced, high-quality products. Khadims’s goal is to increase its retail presence throughout India to supply more customers with high-quality goods.

Khadims, a brand that aims to provide fashionable options to people of all income levels, takes into account the varied nature of the Indian market. Khadims is a customer-centric brand that values and acts on input from its clientele.

Khadims has been recognized numerous times for its excellent service and high quality. Khadims is the place to shop for real Indian leather sandals and formal and casual clothing. There are numerous Khadims locations across the country. As well as fantastic savings, they also provide some appealing offers.



Mochi is a popular brand of sandals for ladies in India, and many professional women there swear by them. It offers beautiful designs that are both fashionable and professional, making them ideal for working women.

Mochi also has awesome sales and makes high-quality footwear under budget. Each piece in a Mochi series is painstakingly crafted, with a wide range of subtle colours carved into the surface. The intricate and beautiful patterns on Mochi are well-known.

If you’re a dapper Indian man trying to step up your style game, look no further than Mochi. Mochi is more than just a name in fashion. Mochi offers a wide variety of collections, and the selection grows with each passing season as new patterns and colours become available.

Because of its reputation for elegance, sophistication, and excellent designs, Mochi has risen to become one of India’s top ten sandals brands. In addition, the sandals are reasonably priced within a large price range and are well worth the investment.

Though it is most known for its footwear, Mochi also produces a wide variety of other products, including purses, belts, socks, mobile accessories, shoe care products, and lightweight clothes. Mochi is the place to go for healthy, ethical purchasing.



Sandals by Sparx for Relaxation. Famous Indian actors like Salman Khan promote Relaxo, claiming their sandals are the best on the market. It is a popular option among Indian consumers and is trusted by many families. Under the Relaxo umbrella are several smaller companies, such as Sparx, Schoolmate, Flite, and Bahamas.

Shoes for lounging about or at the beach, like slippers, floaties, etc., are included in The Bahamas collection. For individuals looking for high-quality athletic footwear, Sparx is a dedicated line to consider.

The brand Schoolmate was created to meet the needs of Indian schoolchildren. Flite is a curated collection of chic dresses and casual shoes. Finally, the Relaxo brand contains everything you might want.

From everyday clothes to formal attire, Relaxo offers it all. In India, Relaxo is among the most reasonably priced products available. More than six million pairs of shoes are produced every day by this manufacturing behemoth, which has figured out how to merge the seemingly incompatible goals of practicality and aesthetics successfully.

So, it’s safe to say that Relaxo is among the top sandal manufacturers in India. Moreover, many people in India favour it over all others. So, if you’re looking for a pair of sandals in India, go no further than Relaxo.



One of the most well-known names in women’s sandals is Liberty. For almost 50 years, this label has supplied Indians with fashionable and durable footwear. Liberty’s retail network is vast, with over 150 wholesalers supplying shoes to over 400 Liberty stores and 6,000 outlets around the country.

In the 1950s, Liberty Shoes opened its first store and produced just 4 pairs of shoes each day; by 2014, the company had grown to become one of the world’s most valuable at over a billion dollars. At Liberty Shoes, client happiness is the company’s first focus.

To fulfil your footwear requirements, go no further than Liberty, a trustworthy and reliable footwear company. Cooler shoes, fashionable footwear, and the senorita trace their roots back to the iconic Liberty label. Its free shipping and helpful customer service are two more selling points.

Liberty is also renowned for producing high-quality women’s sandals. The variety of styles is impressive, and so is the quality of their footwear. They also guarantee style and comfort in their women’s comfort shoes, which can be found in their dedicated section on the website.

The Definitive Guide to Buying Sandals for Men and Women

There are a lot of factors to think about when shopping for sandals, but don’t worry because we’ve got some suggestions that will make your life easier. For example, soft soles and energetic shoes are ideal if you do a lot of commuting, while comfort and style are essential if you work in an office. So figure out your ideal level of comfort and style for your footwear.

Second, learn when to shop for maximum savings: some shoe styles are more in style during certain seasons, but many of the biggest sales occur when the shoes aren’t typically in style. In other words, stock up on discounted items. For example, in the waning weeks of summer, you can snag a pair of quality sandals for a fraction of their original price during a clearance sale. If you look into it, you won’t believe what you uncover.

Third, be familiar with the many forms of entertainment available. Everyone knows the differences between dressy and casual, as well as high heels and flats. Knowing if you should wear pumps or block heels to the office is important. Shoe shopping becomes a breeze when you’ve exhausted every possible shoe option.

Four, be familiar with your feet; learn what your feet need and enjoy. To get the perfect pair of shoes, you should know your foot size, the fabric that works best for your feet, and the best type of sole. Searching for a comfortable pair of sandals helps you have a firm grasp on your foot size and shape.

One Can Easily Find Quality Sandals from Any of India’s Top 10 Brands Today

The aforementioned is a list of the Top 10 Sandal Brands in India. All of these labels were selected with the highest potential for meeting customer requirements in mind. Therefore, they are highly recommended and widely considered among the greatest sandals available.

Like picking out an outfit, picking out a good pair of shoes is crucial. It’s important to invest in high-quality footwear because it serves as a reflection of your style.

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