Top 10 Software Downloading Sites

There are many places online where you can get free software, but it’s impossible to know if the files you’re downloading are safe from malicious software or viruses. This is because, or even worse, sensitive information leaked online. Due to this, you should be wary of what you download from such sites. So, this article will walk you through the top places to get free software off the web.

List of Best Software Download Sites

The best software download sites are handpicked after carefully considering a wide range of factors, including the variety of available programs, the speed of the downloads, and, most importantly, the lack of risk associated with using them.

1SoftpediaOperating system, antivirus, games, among others
2MajorGeeksAnti-Virus, Internet tools, and more
3FileHippoSoftware, file sharing, security & others
4NiniteFile Sharing software, online storage, and more
5Download CrewNetworking Tools, security tools, and much more
6Microsoft StoreBusiness, developer tools, education, and more
7FilehorseDeveloper tools, firewall, security, and more
8FilepumaSecurity, browser, utilities, and more
9DownloadGraphic design software, security, among more
10SnapFilesDrivers, games, software, and others

1. Softpedia

Software and programmes can be downloaded from Softpedia, a website that serves users worldwide. The site can be accessed in either English or Romanian.

SoftNews NET SRL, situated in Romania, runs the site where you can read about the latest developments in the software and technology industries and even get hold of some of that software for your PC or Mac.

Staff reviews each software. But, on the other hand, it’s not only them affected. Readers are welcome to share their impressions of the program in their own words.

User-friendly screenshots of the program are also provided alongside reviews for that purpose. Thanks to Softpedia’s organized menu of software categories, locating the appropriate program is now a breeze. To find what you’re looking for, browse the available options.

Top Categories:

  • Operating Systems.
  • Android Apps.
  • News & Reviews of software and tech.

2. MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks is highly regarded by its legion of devoted followers due to the abundance of innovative and helpful programs it features on its website. Users can take a break from perusing the extensive library of programs by shopping the expensive selection of swag available on the site.

In addition to selling PC and mobile programs, they maintain an active YouTube channel, posting reviews and how-to guides for their products.

In the unlikely event that you could not locate suitable free software, you might always consider creating your own. Software discounts can be found on a separate section of their website. If you’re interested in saving money on software, you may sign up for their newsletter and receive information on the latest deals.

Aside from that, their unique installer allows you to have updates downloaded and installed on your PC without any intervention from you. Install their updater and sit back while it automatically fixes any problems.

Top Categories:

  • Android apps.
  • Antivirus software
  • Drivers
  • Internet tools
  • Networking

3. FileHippo

FileHippo was started in 2004 by an IT firm in the United Kingdom. However, users worldwide can visit the website because it is translated into seven different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, and Chinese).

They have emphasized quality above number due to the diverse demographics of their site visitors. And so that high-quality software may be made available as quickly as possible, they have optimized their server download speeds.

For software to remain functional and up-to-date, it must often get updates. These upgrades typically introduce new features or fix bugs. Since not everyone is happy with every update, FileHippo stores previous software versions for download, this is all done by a professional staff who also conducts frequent checks to ensure that their apps and software are virus-free. This means that installing software from the Internet won’t endanger your computer.

In addition, their AppManager feature stands out since it checks your PC for outdated applications and provides links to update them effortlessly.

Top Categories:

  • Office & News
  • Personalization
  • System Tuning & Utilities
  • File sharing

4. Ninite

It’s easy to keep all your software up-to-date with Nanite, a program that manages your software and installs patches and upgrades with a single click. Sascha Kuzins and Patrick Swieskowski created Ninite to streamline the search for reliable and helpful software and applications for computers. They were successful because they developed a free installer that allows users to pick and choose which programs to install.

Nanite offers a free version called “Nanite Updater” and a commercial version named “Nanite Pro” that costs money but has additional capabilities.

Keep in mind, before utilizing Nanite, that they don’t provide any programs or software for the Mac OS. Not only that, but Ninite only works with Windows 7 and higher.

Despite these drawbacks, Nanite pro is widely used worldwide thanks to its superior features, such as toolbar/adware free installation, mass information updates, automatic system architecture selection (32-bit or 64-bit), and error reporting in the event of a problem.

Top Categories:

  • Web browser
  • Runtimes
  • Imaging software
  • Security
  • Utilities

5. Download Crew

The United States is home to Download Crew, a software download service. The apps and programs available from Download Crew can be used on PCs, Macs, Linux desktops, and mobile devices running iOS, Android, or any operating system. They offer commercial programs, open-source software, and free software. In addition, you can buy legitimate software directly from their website by browsing the products available in their online store.

In addition, they often feature articles about the latest and greatest software and technology on the market to keep you informed. Freebies, promotions, reviews, and how-to guides are all represented here.

When you sign up for Download Crew, you’ll be able to build a watchlist for the programs you use most and keep track of all the updates they get. In addition, when you sign up for an account, you’ll get access to special bonuses.

Finally, if you want to keep up with the latest deals and offers for premium software and apps, you can follow them on Twitter or sign up for their newsletter.

Top Categories:

  • Audio, Video & Photo
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Design & Illustration
  • Developers and Programming.
  • Networking Tools.

6. Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is a digital retail service provided by Microsoft. Originally designed to be the default software installation method for Windows 8. As of now, though, it can be downloaded for Windows 10 and newer versions.

Users of the most recent version of Windows no longer need to rely on other sources to acquire and share programs, as this is the principal software distribution channel for those users.

Because Microsoft Store requires compatibility and user data security for all products and apps listed, you can rest certain that your information is safe whenever you use them.

Moreover, unlike other software distribution sites, developers approach them rather than the other way around. Because of this, you can count on having a fantastic time while using the app or the program. In addition, the platform stores verified user ratings and reviews.

Last but not least, with such a large collection of programs and software, you will almost certainly discover what you need. If you’re considering purchasing software from the Microsoft Store, here are several discounts you may take advantage of.

7. Filehorse

Free software download hub Filehorse is situated in Dubai. It offers assessments of the most talked-about programs and the high-quality software it’s known for. Because of this, the website consistently receives more than 10,000,000 unique visits every month.

They have a massive collection of carefully curated, top-notch software and applications, and they support both Mac and Windows computers. Users who had issues with a certain update also store all earlier versions of the program. Plus, the interface was made to be as intuitive as possible for maximum utilization of the site. Accessibility is meaningless without safety. Therefore we run all of our software through VirusTotal and Google Safe Browsing to guarantee that it is spyware and virus-free.

Top Categories:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Video software
  • Games
  • File transfer & Networking
  • Cleaning & tweaking software

8. Filepuma

FilePuma is a website that regularly posts news stories about cutting-edge software and technology. In addition, you may find blogs and articles about practically anything in their news area, including how to improve your computer’s performance and where to find the best software. Many apps and programs for computers and mobile devices are also available. All of this is available in more than 40 different languages so that individuals worldwide may understand it.

They streamline all the web pages, examine all the software, and list all the versions of any single piece of software to make it as easy as possible to find and download.

You may examine your computer for available software updates with their free updater. So you don’t have to waste time searching the web, we’ve found the same information for you.

As an additional note, FilePuma does not accept software submissions from any software developer. Instead, they sift through the sea of free software to find the cream of the crop and display it on their site.

Top Categories:

  • Security & firewall
  • Developer tools
  • Graphic design
  • Compression & backup.

9. Download(dot)com

The website download(dot)com provides a database of free software that may be used with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and other computer systems. The company has also branched out to offer apps for both Android and iOS devices. Each piece of software and mobile app on this page has been handpicked after careful review to ensure that it meets our high standards.

You can also get comparisons and reviews of the most popular software available online and the actual software itself. So not only is this where you can download free software, but you can also save money by using the coupons for different programs offered.

Because everyone appreciates a good deal, Download(dot)com has compiled multiple lists of the greatest computer programs and other technological advancements.

Last, if you’re still skeptical, know that is owned and operated by CNET, a major software and technology review website. They report on the latest developments in technology all across the globe and are an early advocate for helping people harness the potential of technology to improve their lives.

Top Categories:

  • Software for Windows
  • Software for Mac
  • Apps for Android and iOS

10. SnapFiles

The company that would eventually become known as SnapFiles began life in 1997 under the moniker Webattack(dot)com. They’ve been in the business for decades and provide a wide variety of programs you can try before you buy. SnapFilers obtain their software directly from the programmers who made it. Because of this, they can upload files without worrying about spreading malware.

Contrasted with a large number of competing sites. In addition, SnapFiles’s professionals inspect and evaluate all programs before they are posted on the Internet, adding another layer of protection for users.

You won’t find any pointless programs listed there, as that is against their rules. That’s why they keep an eye on every piece of software to ensure it’s doing its job and isn’t a security risk.

They have also organized all the programs into categories, making it easy for customers to locate the program that best suits their needs. Even the most unskilled customers can locate what they’re looking for on their website thanks to helpful lists like “top 100 portables” and “top 50 user favorites.”

Top Categories:

  • Freeware
  • Shareware

In short, there are plenty of places online where you can get your hands on free software and apps, but at what cost to your computer’s security and safety? Therefore, only use the websites above to download software and applications in the future to ensure the safety of your computer and to take advantage of the apps above potential benefits in locating and installing the software you need.

Getting Rid of Software and Apps Online

Streamlining and organizing our daily routines, software, and apps greatly improve our quality of life. Most programs are made specifically for this purpose. Developing flawless software takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity. Unfortunately, many people will try to game the system to get their hands on legitimate software from malicious websites for free.

Customers should be aware that purchasing unauthorized software or apps might result in criminal prosecution and legal repercussions. The mere act of accessing a website that distributes pirated software might have devastating results. Many people believe that merely connecting to a VPN will keep them safe from government surveillance, but this is not the case. The VPN provider must legally disclose your online activity to the authorities if they suspect you of engaging in unlawful activity.

Numerous Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide have begun proactively blocking access to these sites, yet the sites remain accessible. Therefore, you should only acquire software through legitimate channels, such as free software download websites.

The main line is that there are many risks involved in downloading software from sites offering unlicensed software, both in terms of your computer and your legal standing. Therefore, a different option is to pay for the program rather than use a free download service. These discounts on antivirus software are here in case you decide to give them a try. However, if you insist on getting software via the Internet, the resources mentioned above are the most reliable places to look.

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