Top 13 Hair Care Tips From Experts

Top 13 Hair Care Tips From Experts to avoid a bad hair day; there is such a thing as a bad hair day! Isn’t that the case? It’s not uncommon for models in hair care advertising to flaunt luscious locks that look like a fantasy to most of us. Although, we have to admit that most of them go a little overboard.

Experts in hair care, on the other hand, believe that achieving healthy hair can be achieved with adequate hair care. In this post, you’ll find a selection of the best hair care advice available.

Do’s & Dont Do’s For Hair Care

  • Wash Your Hair Regularly
  • Use Chemical-Free Shampoos
  • Condition Correctly
  • Dry Your Hair Naturally
  • Oil Your Hair Properly
  • Use A Wide-toothed Comb
  • Style Your Hair Naturally
  • Trim Your Hair Regularly
  • Drink More Water
  • Eat Healthily
  • Use Hair Caps/hats
  • Use Hair Bands
  • Use A Hair Wrap Or Old T-shirt To Dry
  • Hot Showers
  • Stress
  • Chemicals
  • Hair Styling Products
  • Salt Water Hair Wash

1. Be Consistent in Your Hair Washing

Regular hair washing keeps your scalp and hair clean and free of oil and grime. Your hair type and personal preferences will play a role in determining how often you shampoo. Aim only to wash your hair twice a week if you have dry hair. Washing your hair every other day will assist if you have an oily scalp.

2. Use chemical-free shampoos

However, you have some control over the type of shampoo you use, as you can’t do much about the environmental conditions that harm your hair. Your hair will be healthier if your shampoo contains fewer chemicals. Take care of your hair by using gentle shampoos.

For lathering, shampoos use sulfates and parabens, which can cause skin irritation over time and raise the risk of hormone disturbances.

3. Condition Correctly

The chemicals in your conditioner help straighten and manage your hair. Your hair is shielded from environmental toxins and heat styling with this product. In addition, you should only apply it to the ends of your hair and not to your scalp. It’s also important to completely rinse your hands after using this product.

4. Use a Natural Hair Dryer

We’re sure of it. Your hair will look as good as your favourite celebrity’s if you use a blow dryer. However, using too much heat when styling your hair might cause damage to the scalp. If you must, save it for special occasions. After shampooing, the best approach to dry your hair is to air dry or use a towel.

Avoid sleeping with damp hair or combing wet hair while it is wet. The cuticle of your hair can be damaged by vigorously rubbing it with a cloth. Don’t be too harsh.

5. Make Sure Your Hair Is Oiled Properly

Your hair will be nourished and hydrated by pre-shampoo treatments such as oiling and massaging that promote blood flow to the scalp. Hair growth is encouraged, broken ends are repaired, and moisture is replenished. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, and the like are all options you can choose from. Mineral oil should not be used on your hair.

Pro Tip: Once in a while, apply warm oil and wrap your head in a towel to let the oil work its way. Consider a mask to soothe the cuticle of your hair before shampooing. It helps in reducing the friction between hair strands during shampoo application.

6. When combing, use a large-tooth comb

When hair is wet, it is more vulnerable to breakage. Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb after it’s dry. This type of comb protects your hair from being harmed.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Natural With Your Hair Sty

Who can resist those picture-perfect waves or curls? But you don’t have to put your hair through the heat to attain these results. Instead, a heat protectant serum is required if you plan to use a curler, straightener, or blow dryer.

8. Cut your hair regularly

You should trim your hair at least once every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends. Hair split ends are caused by heat styling, pollution, smoking, and other factors that damage the hair. Hair doesn’t grow faster just because you trimmed it. Trimming keeps hair in good condition because it promotes growth at the scalp level.

9. More Water Is Necessary!

Balanced hair is the result of both internal and external moisture. At the very minimum, you must consume at least three litres of fluids daily to keep your hair in good condition.

10. Consume a Healthful Diet

As long as we write about hair and skin care, we’ll keep repeating the adage, “you are what you eat. Proteins and amino acids make up the structure of your hair. To thrive, it must be fed the correct kinds of nutrients. Several foods are good for your hair, including eggs, berries, almonds, salmon, greens, and sweet potatoes.

11. Wearing a hat or a hair cap is a good idea

Sunlight has the same detrimental effect on your hair as on your skin. Sun exposure over time can cause harm to your hair, drying it out and making it brittle. When you’re out and about, keep your hair protected from the elements by wearing a hat. Keep your hair out of the way with a hat or a cap when you’re in the water. Toxic chlorine can damage your hair.

12. Using hair bands is a great way to keep your hair in place

Although we like to show off our long, free-flowing locks, we use hair bands to protect them from the elements. Instead of using plastic hair ties, use fabric ones. When putting your hair up in a ponytail or any other style, be careful not to pull it too tightly.

13. To dry your hair, use an old t-shirt or a hair wrap

It’s a new one. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair when you dry your damp hair with an old t-shirt. Traditional towels’ hair cuticles are damaged over time and abrasive on the skin. From now on, don’t throw away your soft, worn-out t-shirts!

Ignoring hair care can lead to a variety of problems

After a certain point, it will cease growing if you neglect your hair. Dandruff, hair loss, dryness, and dullness are all possible side effects.

Ingrown hairs might occur if you don’t wash your hair for a long period. You read that correctly! They can also be found on the head. You’re also attracting additional dust to your hair if you don’t wash it for a long period. You can get a rash and lose your hair when you use improper hair care products.


As a result, if you use chemical-free products tailored to your specific hair type, eat healthily, avoid heat styling, and follow the above advice, you may say goodbye to terrible hair days! But, most crucial, seek medical attention if you continue to experience hair loss and damage despite diligently following a decent hair care regimen. And whether or not you have hair, you should still celebrate yourself.

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