Top 5 Best Stock Research & Analysis Tools In India

Market analysis of stocks is a complex endeavour. There is a bewildering array of options, including a plethora of software, a wide variety of methods, and more data and information than you can shake a stick at.

To what extent do we even begin? So, let me explain how I can help you. Let me start by asking: what compels you to employ these resources? To track the performance of a stock and make projections about its future? First, we’ll cover technical and fundamental analysis. Both of these perspectives on the market can help make trading decisions, but they take slightly different approaches.

According to technical analysis, it doesn’t make a difference why a stock is rising or falling, only that it is. According to fundamental analysis, the method used to determine the value of a stock is less important than the underlying factors that give it worth. Depending on your investment aims, either method may prove useful.

Here I am giving you an insight into the 5 most popular tools for stock market research and analysis in India:

1. StockEdge

Stockedge provides in-depth analysis of Equity markets and Mutual funds, making it a one-stop shop for all your stock market research and analysis need. However, if you’re looking for a reliable app to help you invest in the Indian stock market, go no further than StockEdge (NSE & BSE).


With a few mouse clicks, you can thoroughly evaluate any stock. In addition, StockEdge offers a wide variety of useful tools, which I appreciate.

The following are some of StockEdge’s features:

  • Stock prices can be tracked in real-time.
  • In addition, a news feed tailored to your investments and hobbies is available.
  • Technical indicators such as Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, and many others can be used for stock analysis.
  • Interactive charts allow for the comparison of various stocks.
  • The performance of a stock can be evaluated by looking at how it stacks up against others in the same sector.
  • You can inform others about the stock market using Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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2. Trade Brains Portal

It will help if you exercise extreme caution while making financial choices. If you make the wrong choice, you could lose a lot of money. To prevent this, do your homework before investing in the stock.

Trade Brains Portal

Research is essential to maximize your gains from the stock market. The Trade Brains platform may be the greatest option for thorough stock market investigation and evaluation. Since the Trade Brains portal contains everything a stock market investor needs to do a fundamental study of equities, I highly suggest it.

Let’s examine these crucial aspects:

  • The Fundamental Analysis section will highlight the company’s current state, track record, and prospects.
  • All financial analysis tools (statements, ratios, charts, etc.) are conveniently located.
  • You can add any stock to your watchlist and start following it immediately.
  • You can see exactly how your investments are doing and view your entire transaction history whenever you like.

3. Tickertape

If you’re a first-time investor, deciding where to put your money amongst stocks, bonds, and gold can be daunting. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough data to make educated decisions about where and how to put your money.


Using the information provided by Tickertape, I can make more informed financial decisions. Tickertape’s market trends, autopilot, configurable charts, and portfolio tracking tool help traders keep tabs on their investments with precision, thanks to data pulled directly from stock exchanges.

The following options are included in Tickertape:

  • The skill to determine fair prices for stocks. Fast and accurate computation and the secure storage of enormous volumes of data.
  • Tickertape’s stock pricing data is crucial for making informed financial decisions. All of the variables that could potentially affect the stock’s price are considered to accomplish this.
  • Tickertape’s rapid access to massive volumes of data is another crucial element that equips you to make sound financial decisions. For example, this data can predict whether a stock’s value will rise or fall over time.
  • Stock prices are updated in real-time. By visiting the ticker pages of the companies whose shares you are interested in, you may see the most recent prices they are trading.
  • They’ve included a message board on each ticker page so that investors can talk about stocks and obtain answers from other traders.

4. Jika

Jika is a trading platform developed by individual investors for retail investors. If you need an infographic designed, I highly recommend Jika. Seeing the data in this way makes it easier to understand and retain.


Thanks to the clean design and well-structured tables, I may never go back to reading tables in plain text.

You can use Jika’s given tools for stock market analysis as follows:

  • This tool shows the volume of visitors to a company’s website. Upon further investigation, I found that this does aid in forecasting prospective numerical outcomes.
  • The Value Investing Simulator is a programme that mimics a game in which the player faces various tests. For example, analysing one company can help you determine whether or not your assumptions about a different company are right.
  • You can use a stock screening tool to locate stocks that meet certain criteria. For instance, if you’re looking for a stock with a positive cash flow but negative debt, it will list all the relevant companies that fit that description.
  • You can look up a company and see how it compares to others by using a tool called “peers.”

5. MarketsMojo


The stock markets in India have a history of extreme volatility, and the country’s currency is one of the most actively traded in the world. Due to their widespread overvaluation, technology stocks have one of the greatest share price-to-the-money-involved ratios, suggesting they would be attractive for a novice investor willing to put down $10,000 or more.

MarketsMojo is a groundbreaking service that provides a sophisticated analysis of global equity markets through the application of algorithms and data science to the needs of individual investors. So if you’re a professional in the financial industry, own a financial institution, or are just an investor looking ahead of the curve, here is the place to be.

Banking, insurance, capital goods, consumer goods, auto and auto accessories, microfinance and NBFCs, healthcare, infrastructure and utilities (electricity), and more are all covered in its research studies.

MarketsMojo’s ability to interview companies’ top brass and get their thoughts on the company’s state of affairs is one of its strongest points.

What makes MarketsMojo so great are these features:

  • The first thing you’ll notice with MarketsMojo is how simple it is to use. All the essential data for your investigation is conveniently presented on the homepage. You may look at the market overview, market movers, Nifty 50 list, buy and sell calls, and more.
  • Their stock screener allows you to narrow your search by various criteria, including revenue growth, earnings per share growth, net profit margin, and more. In addition, the stocks that meet your criteria can be narrowed down by using filters such as industry and market capitalization.
  • In addition, they have a unique tool called Mojo Rank that provides an overall ranking of all listed companies.

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