Top Handloom Sarees Brands In India

For what they are, we are appreciative in a society concerned with passing trends. Saris made by handloom weavers are a part of our collection that will last for generations. They have an appealing character that no new age-y drape can match in terms of comfort, almost as good as a cup of homemade garam chai from mum. So, to summarise, this list has something for everyone, whether you’re a diehard Nalli fan or like the more casual look of calm, linen saris.

Several designers and businesses are trying to bring back the rich weaving traditions lost in time. This is our final strong argument to help you convert. Since Khadi/Banarasi is no longer considered chic, we’ve decided to stop wearing it. No, sir, I’m afraid that’s incorrect.

1. Suta

Wearing Suta is an experience we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with friends and family. Sexy and hip, the designs of Suta are perfect for today’s modern women. Among these designs, you’ll discover several that are both stylish and affordable. Perfect for having a party in your house. You can also get a discount on them using Suta Coupons.


2. Earthwhile

We’ve witnessed this company grow from a simple website to a marketplace specialising in handcrafted weaves that are all created with care. Handwoven organic cotton and linen/khadi clothes from Earthwhile are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd but aren’t willing to spend much money.


3. Chidiyaa

An established brand, we appreciate the fact that they don’t go overboard. They use indigos, whites, and earthy reds to create gorgeous, block-printed saris. In addition to wearing them with slacks and spaghetti dresses, we’ve paired them with several long skirts and various other tops that feature a contrasting colour scheme.


4. Athas

Athas continues their unwavering support for independent designers and artists with its clothing line. Have a soft spot for subdued colour schemes? Affordability, a festive twist on the fusion look, and a lack of bling are all strong suits for this line”s leheriya and block designs, as well as the organic cotton and cotton silks.


5. The Loop Hoop

Since we can remember, we’ve been admiring Loop Hoop’s enormous selection of hand-block printed saris. Some examples: Linen in pastel tones, Madhubanis, Kalamkaris, Ikats, and Chanderis. All of them are available in the same colour palette. There is a wide variety of colours, from the most vibrant ones to pastels, and they are all reasonably priced.


6. Yarn India

Yarn India boasts a vast range of products, from earthy handwoven linen to brightly coloured zari saris. Regarding pre-wedding festivities, I picked up a gorgeous camel pattern white and blue sari for myself and a striped muslin sari for my mom. However, after seeing their gamcha saree in two colours, I’m struggling to say no now.



Want to emulate some of our favourite Bollywood actresses’ handloom saree designs? Because we’ve already taken care of it! While discussing handlooms, don’t forget to check out the new khadi-inspired companies.

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