Top Products In Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Care Range

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our hair problems magically disappeared? No more hair fall, no more breakage, and only long shiny hair. Who wouldn’t want that? Hence, we list the top products in the Mother Sparsh onion haircare range.

What if I told you the magic is real? 

The Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Range is the answer to all your hair-related prayers. 

Made with authentic ingredients, Mother Sparsh provides the utmost care to its customers via its products. Similarly, the Onion hair range is love and nourishment for your hair packed in a bottle. 


Onion Hair Oil

To sustain hair growth

A nourishing oil that helps sustain scalp health and reduce hair fall, the Onion Hair Oil by Mother Sparsh strengthens hair strands to prevent breakage. Made with the power of pure onion extracts and ayurvedic oils, the product is a boon to hair health. The blend of ingredients like lavender, bhringraj, and soya bean help in maintaining the natural sheen of the hair while also assisting in increasing hair density.


Onion Hair Rasa

To encourage hair growth

Enriched with natural ingredients, The Onion Hair Rasa is an amalgamation of raw onion extract and Redensyl, a powerful ingredient that boosts hair growth by stimulating scalp health. The product is a hair tonic that improves hair density regularly and yields actual results. In addition, the inclusion of AnaGain and Angeline in the formulation provides additional nutrition to the hair strands, leading to thicker and unbreaking hair.


Onion Hair Shampoo

To clean & clear your hair

Scalp health is imperative for healthy hair growth. The gentle lathering formula of Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Shampoo cleanses the scalp properly, leaving no dirt and grease behind while also not stripping the hair off of its natural oils. In addition, hydrolyzed Keratin, Apple Cider Vinegar & Black Seed Oil strengthen hair roots, resulting in thick healthy hair that is less prone to breakage.


Onion Conditioner

To nourish your hair

Onion Hair Conditioner provides a hydrating, nourishing shield for your hair to give off a shiny look and strengthen hair strands. In addition, the raw onion essence helps in improving hair density and minimizes breakage. The product includes effective ingredients like Hydrolyzed Keratin and Avocado Oil that have proven benefits in hair strengthening and Black Seed Oil that prevents hair fall. Using the Onion Hair Conditioner regularly, post-scalp-cleansing, one sees a visible diminishing in hair thinning and hair loss and an effective increase in hair density.

The Products can be bought individually and as a kit. With their effective and authentic ingredients, the Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Range is a worthy purchase to give a much-needed boost to your scalp’s nourishment and hair strength.

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