How to Find Best Web Hosting Deals in India?

There are many web hosting deal providers in India. But you need to find out the best one. Yes, you are the right service provider. CouponZania is always ready to provide you best services.

Having a website or a blog has become very easy nowadays. Since discovering managed hosting, non-technical business owners have put their feet deep in the online business. Managed hosting helps website owners configure and maintain their websites according to their needs.

However, still, it is expensive, complex, and needs a thorough understanding of the workaround between the terms. Such as domain, hosting, marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid ads, organic traffic, direct traffic, and more.

Some of the best web hostings offers In India

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Why is shared hosting best?

Shared hosting has become very affordable and manageable for non-technical people. In addition, it allows website owners to manage their servers using Cpanel or any custom-built software to manage their websites.

It sounds straightforward when you have a lot of money in your pocket. Still, when a newbie enters the market and has limited capital, it becomes crucial to invest. They need to consider if the host can help them manage the website’s speed, provide an uptime guarantee, install any random module according to their needs, etc.

As you read this blog, we want to make every bit of your time worth it. So you can build your website with minimum money involved. This means nowadays, you can create your website at a cost less than having dinner with your family.

Indeed, hostings start from $1 to $250 a month, which does not mean they are the same. Each of the hosts has its benefits and quality of services. This vast difference in the prices doesn’t mean compromising the quality.

Most hosting, be it shares, VPS, or dedicated hosting, gives you free domain names on annual plans. Free SSL, Email services, enough web templates, and unlimited bandwidth. Some of them would provide you with 24/7 support, like Interserver, Siteground, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or Bigrock.

How to find the best web hosting deals?

Suppose you are looking for affordable web hosting that doesn’t stress your pocket. Then you are on the right page. We have tested more than 18 web hosts that challenge and compete with each other in many constituents.

Some of you would have already heard about these. Still, we have been blogging & managing our website for the past 8 to 10 years. So we know which brands are good and which have additional extra over others.

For example, if you look for cheap web hosting such as hostinger or Interserver. They stand firm compared to expensive web hosting like Kinsta, Blue host, or SiteGround.

We will be listing some of our favourite and cheapest web hosting available in the market with everything. We would also give you a detailed description of each web hosting with pros and cons and why we think they deserve a try.

What is Web hosting?

You might want to stick to this article if you still are unsure about web hosting. Web hosting is a service provider that allows storing your file on a specific host. It gives your website a place to live, just like renting a place to live yourself.

Sometimes not every web hosting has enough resources to build its web server. So they rent a server from an enormous host-like resellers hub.

Usually, there are different types of web hosting offers available, like shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, or a VPS. based on the requirement, users opt out of an option.
Shared hosting is a space rented to more than 10 to 15 websites, which gives competition to its resources if the server is too crowded.

However, it is best for startups or new blogs.

VPS or dedicated hosting means all the server’s resources are dedicated to a single website, or you have total control of all the resources to be utilized the way you want. Usually, big MNCs or E-Commerce sites opt for a dedicated VPS or Cloud Service like Google Cloud, AWS, etc.

Shared hosting is usually beneficial for the web hosting service provider and the website owner. Usually, shared hosting already has file managers, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, antiviruses, malware fighters, and other essential models combined for a single server.

It becomes easier for a hosting company to manage the cost of a single server having multiple website accounts. This is the only reason shared hosting is cheap.

Comparing shared with dedicated hosting

There is no comparison between shared and dedicated hosting. These are made for different purposes, and one should decide based on their requirement and not on a budget. Dedicated or VPS hosting is very powerful and expensive as it’s made for high-end websites. It is like an E-commerce site with many visitors and processes to run and validate.

However, a smaller or startup website would not require such high-end service as it wastes money if you don’t use all the resources.

Usually, a VPS starts from 512 MB RAM and goes up to 32 to 64 GB of RAM, so think thoroughly before investing in a higher plan because you have a lot of money in your pocket.

What would make this hosting very expensive?

If you search the Global market, you will find many service providers sure of value for money, but some are costly. We are talking about dedicated and VPS services. Web hosting usually gets very expensive when you need much space to store your files or unlimited bandwidth for your website.

Usually, people do not switch to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting unless necessary. Most of the time, they do not have any option as shared hosting has a strict cap on using resources that could go from 20 % to 50% of the total resources allotted to a single server.

Suppose your server is continuously hitting the maximum limit. In that case, your website will get suspended immediately, or you can get escalation emails on your registered email ID. That means you need an upgrade from your shared hosting.

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