What is Web Hosting? Different Types of Hosting Explained

The infrastructure allows your website to be accessible to the public on the Internet. Your search for “what is web hosting?” indicates that you are attempting to figure out how to get your website up and running. To get your website online, web hosting is a necessity. You can use this guide to understand better web hosting, why you need it, and how providers like us can help you get started.

What is Web Hosting? What are Cloud, Dedicated, Shared & VPS Hostings?

It is a service that allows you to publish your website files on the Internet via an online platform. As a result, your website can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. A hosting web service like hostinger.com is called a “hosting service.”

Even though you may technically host your website on your computer, web hosting service providers offer several advantages.

How does a website hosting function work?

A company like ours provides services and technology to host your website on the Internet. You’ll be able to view your website once you’ve picked a domain name and signed up for a hosting package.

Your web host is responsible for ensuring that your server is operational when using web hosting services. In addition, the hosting company is responsible for ensuring the security of your files, assets, and databases and storing them on the server.

In addition to hosting your website, we offer several other services to enhance and safeguard it.

 Know the 6 Different Types of Web Hosting:

  1. Shared hosting – multiple websites reside on one server and share the same resources.
  2. VPS hosting – one physical server is split into multiple virtual servers, allowing each website its resources.
  3. Dedicated hosting – one website has a physical server to itself with access to all its resources.
  4. Cloud hosting – instead of hosting your site on one server, you can use resources from multiple virtual servers to help maximize uptime.
  5. Reseller Hosting – businesses purchase a large amount of storage space and bandwidth from hosting providers and then sell space to other businesses or individuals.
  6. WordPress Hosting – hosting specifically optimized for WordPress sites, offering many tools tailored to the software.
Bluehost$2.75unmetered50 GB✅100%1.05s0.31s0.3s
SiteGround$3.9910,000 visits/month10 GB❌99.96%2.04s1.26s2.91s
WP Engine$2025,000 visits/month10 GB❌100%1.2s2.34s2.96s
DreamHost$2.59unmetered50 GB✅99.41%1.4s2.36s3.2s
Kinsta$25.0025,000 visits/month10 GB❌99.99%1.7s2.68s5.63s
Namecheap$1.58unmetered20 GB✅99.89%0.60s1.14s1.65s
InMotion$2.29unmetered10 GB❌100%1.11s1.63s2.69s
Flywheel$13.005,000 visits/month5 GB❌100%0.14s0.13s0.22s
Cloudways$10.001 TB bandwidth25 GB❌100%1.15s0.31s2.01s
Hostinger$1.3910,000 visits/month10 GB❌99.95%1.96s1.14s2.85s
A2 Hosting$2.99unmetered100 GB❌99.92%2.04s3.25s4.98s

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular web hosting providers.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is putting multiple websites on the same server simultaneously. Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting web service.

Shared Web Hosting

It is a suitable choice for new sites that don’t expect a lot of traffic in the short term; it is inexpensive and easy to set up. Personal websites and those belonging to small and medium-sized organizations are best suited for use with this platform.

Built explicitly for newbies/fewer traffic websites, it is an excellent alternative for anyone serious about digital marketing or having an online business.

In addition, shared hosting isn’t a good choice for sites with a high volume of visitors. This site requires a dedicated server to provide enough resources to ensure a high level of performance.

VPS Hosting

Each client sees a dedicated server, even if the server is servicing numerous websites. This virtual private server (VPS) is also a virtual dedicated server (VDS).

VPS web hosting

Because of this, VPS hosting is seen as a bridge between shared hosting and owning a dedicated server.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS clients have complete control over their virtual machine, which is closer to dedicated hosting.

VPS is a popular choice for smaller businesses and organizations who desire the flexibility of a dedicated server without the high expenses associated with that option.

Dedicated Hosting

It is possible to rent an entire server, referred to as “dedicated hosting” or “managed to host.”

Dedicated Web Hosting

Compared to shared hosting plans, this type of hosting is much more expensive; therefore, it is only utilized when a website receives a lot of traffic or when more server management is needed.

In addition to delivering a single website with the complete server equipment hosted in a data centre, dedicated hosting is about more than just a single website. This feature provides increased self-service server administration capabilities.

This is a more flexible design because the server, software, and security methods can all be controlled. However, you must have the technical know-how to operate the platform independently.

Cloud Hosting

Recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of cloud hosting, a new sort of hosting. One of the advantages of this web hosting is its affordability, scalability, and reliability.

Unsurprisingly, many significant enterprises are migrating to the cloud because cloud hosting plans often offer limitless bandwidth and unlimited disc space for unlimited domains. If your website has many photographs or other significant amounts of content, this can be an efficient way to manage it, but it can also be very costly.

Reseller Hosting

Various web hosting types allow the account holder to host websites on behalf of third parties, such as reseller hosting. In this case, the reseller is the original account holder.

Reseller hosting is a good option as long as some of the allocated resources may be shared with another party. The opportunity to earn a recurring income while sharing disc space, bandwidth, and CPU resources.

Hosting companies make reseller hosting plans available to entrepreneurs interested in this type of business. Anyone who owns many domains can benefit from a reseller hosting service. If you have a reseller hosting account, you can create hosting plans for your clients or your websites. You can also opt for a CMS management platform like 10web.

When it comes to website hosting, what role do domain names play?

Consider your website as a house made up of a collection of files. There is a house (website) and a domain (address) on the land of web hosting. For a browser to find and download the files of a website, the domain name must be entered into a web browser or clicked on a link.

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