Which Types of Footwear Go Best With Formals?

When preparing for an event, we frequently pay more attention to our attire, accessories, hair, and cosmetics than the shoes we’ll be wearing. When it comes to casual attire, you can get away with making last-minute alterations, but when it comes to formal footwear, you need to plan.

Shoes are not something you can toss on and go. Having at least one pair of dress shoes in your closet is essential. What does it mean to wear formal shoes? Do I have to stick to dark colours if I do this? Unless it’s restricted to high heels exclusively. If you believe all that, then you’re correct. Believe me when I say that I am here to dispel your misconceptions.

To avoid any last-minute shoe scrambling, here is a list of footwear options that should always be on hand.



One shoe that fits the bill of “formal” is the belly for those times when you can’t make head or tail of things. Choose your belly button without opening your eyes.

The extra support you need to get through the day is built into the straightforward structure, sharp edges, and 360-degree security of these. These are adaptable to both western and Indian styles. Invest in a timeless pair of jet-black office bellies, and you’ll be ready for any formal occasion.


Mules are backless shoes with no restriction around the heel, allowing the wearer to slide their foot in without any hassle. Mules are your best bet if you have trouble walking in shoes that have your ankles tied or frequently get blisters on your heels.


These are the way to go if you want to make a statement with your footwear but don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

You can tell these shoes mean business because of the pointed-toe feature that gives them greater definition and makes your entire outfit look more put together. For the office, an Andaman Marine Knotted Mule is the perfect complement to a basic blue pantsuit.


You can’t have a well-styled formal ensemble without a collection of neutral pieces. What’s the deal with choosing neutrals? The tone of a formal event is typically more reserved and formal, with a more rigid organisation. You can’t always style something like that with shoes that are too functional or have too elaborate a design.

Just like you probably don’t have a garment in every hue, your shoe collection probably doesn’t either. Thankfully, here is where you can rely on neutral hues to save the day. When in doubt, a black pair, a blue pair, a beige pair, and a grey pair of formal sandals will go you far. Trust the system when you doubt what colour to select for your formal sandals.

Comfort is a Priority

In common perception, formal footwear is painful, like continually biting and pricking the wearer. So, gurl, if a pair of shoes can’t make your feet feel good, they’re not worth the money. You can’t afford to constantly be in discomfort, especially if you plan on wearing such high heels. Consequently, selecting a pair that satisfies your needs in terms of comfort, fit, and heel height are crucial. You can rest assured that your feet will never hurt wearing our sandals because they are crafted with extra-soft insoles.


When searching for dress footwear. Shoes are a must, but sandals are a must-have. These days, sandals are more than simply simple shoes with straps to keep your feet in place; they may also be gorgeous works of art designed by a renowned fashion house. Now that we’ve outgrown our wet sandals, we can move on to something more.

  • Gladiator sandals: Gladiator sandals are characterised by a pointed toe, structured upper, and an elaborate wrapping pattern that extends from the toe to the ankle and sometimes even the calves.
  • Braided Sandals: These are the sandals you reach for when you want to tone down your dressy ensemble with their simplicity, understatement, and casual ease.
  • T Strap Sandals: These sandals are unlike any other. They’re contemporary with an antique twist. Traditional shoewear influences can be seen in the t pattern and the roman strap embellishment. A pair of T-strap sandals are the way to go when you can’t make up your mind.

These days, clothing trends come and go quickly. While the fashion industry is constantly evolving, genuine individuality in style can only be achieved by a person who is confident in their skin. Nowadays, you can complement your formal attire with everything from flats to sandals. There’s no need to shop anywhere else because Zouk carries everything you need to complete your favourite formal outfits, including a wide variety of chappals.

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