Why Use Rapido for Your Travels?

Rapido’s size as India’s largest bike taxi makes daily travel easier and more cost-effective, making it an ideal means of transportation. The following are the top four reasons to stick with the brand regarding commuting.

1. Ease of Booking A Bike

Get in touch with the driver and reserve a seat. To use the Rapido app, all you have to do is download and save your information. Make a list of the places you usually visit, and then start exploring!

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Please don’t waste time waiting for a pickup truck when it’s miles away since you can be charged for cancellation without your knowledge. Instead, you can save time and money by relying on a reliable and accessible option.

2. Safety First: The Rapido Helmet

Riders on Rapido must have a valid driver’s licence, vehicle registration, and insurance coverage. In addition, those who join the community are screened to ensure that their criminal records are clean of sexual offences, crimes, felony convictions, and drug misuse.

Helmets are also available for those who want to be safe. Many of their customers are pleased with the solution, but they also sell shower caps so that you never have to worry about wearing someone else’s helmet. On every journey, they ensure that you and your fellow riders are safe and well-cared-for.

3. Get Insured: Insure yourself with a Rider’s policy

A common concern amongst our clients and well-wishers is the safety of two-wheelers. Due to unexpected and uncontrollable situations, they are also prepared for the prospect of a ride going awry.

They prefer, and to the extent possible, to ensure that all safety procedures be followed by example, you won’t have to worry about safety on a two-wheeler. A certified professional is in charge of every trip, and the company ensures that it is covered under insurance.

4. Save Money: Rational and affordable

A fair price is offered, and all fees are clearly stated. Clients may readily view the price chart, which isn’t complicated or perplexing. For example, using Rapido’s bike taxi service will only cost you Rs. 10 in booking fees. As little as Rs. 5 per kilometre may be in the industry, you should only pay for what you’ve travelled, rather than paying exorbitant fees that you don’t understand.

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