Woodland Shifted Its Focus To Apparel

Woodland, an Indian footwear and clothing manufacturer, has shifted its focus to garments. Woodland, the most popular shoe and outerwear manufacturer in India, is shifting its attention to the clothing industry.

The company’s MD, Harkirat Singh, recently stated to Garment Resources, “In footwear, we have a significant footprint, and now we are growing our apparel offering.” We are expanding our clothing range by opening single- and multi-brand e-commerce sites.

He continued, “People need things developed with the help of good technology at an affordable price. So after Covid, they’re looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

In addition to producing clothing in-house, the company also has connections with manufacturers who can handle such orders.

The situation in the Indian apparel sector has normalized, and the growth rate will increase significantly. He also said that the company is expanding its in-house capacities and working in hubs like Tirupur and Bengaluru to meet the growing need for brands that provide value and quality.

The company is also interested in forming partnerships with innovative companies that have cutting-edge technology and can supply new kinds of items.

Sales of the company’s jackets, denim, tees, sweaters, and sweatshirts are all on the rise.

Due to the country’s brief winters, we are primarily interested in summer clothing. As a result, we’re looking for a technical solution to meet the needs of track athletes, who want breathable clothes that are quick to dry, and are resistant to odour and bacteria.

Woodland is collaborating with the Indian armed forces and providing specialised uniforms to the armed forces.

To sum up, he said, “we are attempting to indigenize it” (i.e., promote the use of Indian-made alternatives to the imported items now used by the Indian military).

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