WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting – What’s Different?

In this article, we’ll clear up the ongoing muddle between WordPress hosting Vs web hosting. Detail explanation to help you choose better for your online journey.

To run a business from the Internet, you need web hosting. Your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO), sales, and availability of helpful tools and packages can all benefit from your host’s careful selection. But what exactly is web hosting, how does it differ from WordPress hosting, and which should you choose?

In contrast, web hosting and WordPress hosting are two very separate services. Each option has distinct benefits, providers, and plans due to a few fundamental distinctions. WordPress hosting vs web hosting: here’s how to tell them apart and pick the right one for your site.

What is WordPress hosting?

For those unfamiliar, hosting is what allows websites to run WordPress. WordPress hosting is a special web hosting designed specifically for WordPress sites.

What is Web Hosting? 

Web hosting is a more generic word that refers to the act of renting server space on the Internet so that a website can be accessed by users worldwide.

A web host makes disc space available on a server and connects your website to the Internet. This will get your site online and indexed by search engines.

Although “web hosting” can refer to a wide variety of services, there are quite a few distinct industry subsets. For example, getting your business online requires a web hosting service, as you cannot publish your site without one.

So, how does WordPress hosting differ from regular web hosting?

Web hosting is a lot more generalised service, while WordPress hosting is more of a specialised field devoted solely to WordPress installations.

Put, web hosting stores a website’s files on a server so they can be accessed online. There are dozens of possible operating systems for the websites that reside on a given web host’s servers, and they cater to a wide variety of site builders.

While there are many types of web hosting, WordPress hosting occupies a unique niche. While shared servers can be used for both WordPress hosting and regular web hosting, in the case of WordPress hosting, every hosted website will be built entirely within the WordPress platform. A WordPress host is a web hosting provider specialising in WordPress installations and provides specialised WordPress-optimized solutions, services, and support. Explore Hostinger Coupon

How To Choose The Best Hosting Option?

When deciding between WordPress hosting and web hosting, among the more than 338,561 web hosting service providers available worldwide, picking the best one for your business can be daunting.

Both have their benefits and can be obtained from various vendors using various strategies. However, choosing the right web hosting service for your company requires considering the following factors.

  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service
  • Supported domain name management
  • Basic security features
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Server accessibility

An Overview of WordPress

WordPress currently runs 35% of all websites on the Internet, and this number is only expected to climb. WordPress is a widely used website builder trusted by major names in the industry, like eBay, The New York Times, and Sony.

Studies show WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), and over 1.1 million new domains are registered every six months. So WordPress is not just a top-notch hosting platform but also a top-notch choice whether you want to launch a new company website or migrate an existing one.

Using a WordPress hosting provider with your WP site will optimise its performance and results because WordPress is an easy-to-use, simple, and configurable hosting choice.

WordPress hosting benefits

  • Improved security: WordPress hosts offer servers equipped against WordPress-specific threats alongside a dedicated team who will stay on top of security issues and ensure your site is safe and secure.
  • Fast set-up and performance: The website set-up process is made incredibly quick using pre-configured web technologies, and the WordPress servers ensure fast loading times and quick uptime from when your site is live.
  • Better plugin function: You won’t need to use as many plugins with a managed WP hosting service because the host will optimise performance, security, and caching. And for the plugins you want or need, WP-hosted sites are optimised to work with the most popular of them, which can be automatically updated.
  • Easy-to-add SSL certificates: Most managed WordPress hosting plans allow you to add an SSL certificate to your site in a couple of clicks at no extra charge.
  • Automatic updates: Your website will receive automatic updates and upgrades, and security packages can be added to every website on a server at once.
  • Tailored support: You can access dedicated customer support services and experts resolving WordPress issues when using a WordPress hosting service.

Who should use WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is ideal if you’ve built your site with WordPress. WP hosting is optimised for WordPress sites and will boost performance, security, and automated updates. While having a WordPress site and using WordPress Hosting are by no means prerequisites, doing so results in the best possible setup.

WordPress hosting is also useful for those seeking a managed hosting service. Managed services are a common feature of WordPress hosting, in which the host takes care of your site’s operation and maintenance on your behalf. If you don’t have much time or expertise to devote to maintaining a website, this may be the best solution for you.

WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting

Web hosting and WordPress hosting plans

You’ll need to select a hosting package regardless of whether you go the WordPress or web hosting route. WordPress hosts and web hosts often provide various hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and Cloud hosting.

Managed hosting services are an additional perk provided by many WordPress hosts that can ease the burden of maintaining your site.

We’ve compiled a list of the six most sought-after web hosting packages:

  • When you sign up for shared hosting, your website will be hosted on the same server as the websites of other users. This is a good alternative for people just starting out with their website, as it is inexpensive and simple to use.
  • VPS, or virtual private server, plans are quite similar to shared hosting except that each user has their own dedicated portion of the server and greater privacy. If you’re on a tight budget but still want plenty of flexibility and customisation options, this plan is for you.
  • A dedicated server is a way to go if you have a high-traffic website that needs streamlined operations and lightning-fast page loads. Dedicated servers are a high-priced yet worthwhile investment because of their flexibility, stability, and scalability.
  • In the latest hosting model, known as “cloud hosting,” your website is not stored on a single server but rather distributed among multiple remote computers. This hosting plan is a great value if you need scalability and reliability, but prices aren’t always set in stone, so if your site suffers a spike in traffic, you may face an unexpected surge in costs.
  • Plenty of WordPress hosts provide a managed service, where the host handles all the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty of your WordPress site. When applied to any of the aforementioned hosting plans, Managed Hosting improves security, performance, and configuration.
  • If you’re looking for a hosting plan with pre-installed features and technologies to optimise your site, Optimised WordPress Hosting is an excellent option to consider. Complete with pre-installed WordPress hosting, WordPress-optimized servers, built-in WordPress security, and WordPress-specific support, Optimized WordPress Hosting is the total solution for your WordPress site.

Consider your budget, the volume of traffic you anticipate, and the kind of technical support you’d like from your host before making a final decision on a hosting plan.

The bottom line on web hosting vs. WordPress hosting

There’s no one “best” option when deciding between WordPress hosting and regular web hosting. What kind of hosting package you want, how much money you have, and how much assistance you need from your host will determine the provider you choose.

If you’re searching for a more generic service, web hosting may be a better fit for you than WordPress hosting, which specialises in a specific set of features. A WordPress host, on the other hand, is ideal if you need a service that is specifically designed to work quickly and efficiently with WordPress. Explore Hosting Coupon Codes?