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Alamy Promo: Save 20% OFF On All Imagery

Save 20% OFF On All Imagery

Save Up To 62% OFF
Alamy Promo: Save 20% OFF On All Imagery using the latest verified coupon code, offers, discount code & promo.
Alamy Coupon: Save Flat 25% OFF On Your First Image
Alamy Coupon: Save Flat 25% OFF On Your First Image using the latest verified coupon code, offers, discount code & promo from CouponZania.
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List of Top Latest Alamy Coupon Code, Offers, Discount Code & Promo for October 2022

Brand Details Offer Description Validity
Alamy Coupon Code Up To 30% OFF on Images for personal use October 2022
Alamy Offers Get Rs 2796 OFF on Marketing Package for Small Business October 2022
Alamy Deals Get Rs 2296 OFF on the Website Image Pack October 2022
Alamy Discount Code For Rs 1199 Only on Presentation or Newsletters October 2022
Alamy Promo Code For Rs 24999 on a Website or social media site October 2022
Alamy Sale Up to 35% Off on Alamy October 2022

About Alamy Coupon Code Today

We have a hard time finding high-quality photographs that are reasonably priced for our material. If you click them, you might as well do it yourself. No! You might also look into Alamy as an additional choice. You may get your hands on a wide range of photographs from them at reasonable prices. There is a high-quality image to illustrate any concept you can think of here.

The best way to save money is on Alamy's high-quality stock pictures.
At some point or another, we will all require stock photographs. Unfortunately, even better examples are hard to come by. More than anything else, we'd like to avoid having to attribute those pictures to anyone. If you need stock photographs like these, you can find them cheaply on Alamy. In addition, you may save a lot of money on your stock photo by using CouponZania's deals.

The Alamy Affiliate Program allows you to earn a least 10% discount on all sales made at the site within 30 days of referring a friend to Alamy. Can things improve from here? Tell your friends and family about Alamy, and you'll get a free month of discounted stock photos.

Offers available for Alamy

There are more ways to save money online than just waiting for seasonal sales. These promotions can be applied to your Alamy order for free or discounted stock photos. You can choose a suitable offer based on your desired stock image. On Alamy, purchasing image packs rather than individual images can save you up to 30%.

  1. Get a 25-pack of presentation or newsletter images worth Rs. 999 and save 15% on your purchase.
  2. If you need stock images of websites, you can get the 25 pack here and save Rs. 2,296.
  3. Prices for any personal use images start at Rs. 999, and you can get 30% off on them.
  4. For any marketing-related images, you can buy the 25 pack at Alamy and avail of a flat discount of Rs. 2,796.

Secrets to Getting a Better Deal on

  • Join Alamy as a student stock photographer, and you'll receive a full payout on your sales. In addition, if you are a qualified student contributor, you can sell your images on Alamy without paying any commissions or fees. With this programme, your earning potential is infinite.
  • Create an account on Alamy for free and opt-in to get emails about new features and discounts.
  • If you have a knack for photography and want to make extra cash, consider becoming a contributor to Alamy. News photos, vector illustrations, and iPhone snaps are all available for contributors to sell. For further information, click the "Sell Images" tab at the top of the page.
  • Connect with Alamy on social media to get ideas and updates on current deals and promotions.

Any discounts or money-saving advice for

As a student photographer for Alamy, you'll receive a full payout for all of your submissions. In addition, all students qualified to contribute to the company are exempt from any fees or costs associated with the sale of their photos. To get to CouponZania, click the link in the header.

Is there a license agreement with Alamy?

This system uses two distinct licence models. The first type of licence is a royalty-free licence (RF), whereas the second is a rights-managed licence (RM). Photographs by contributors are available for licencing. Customers are given unrestricted use of an image for a flat fee in exchange for a royalty-free licence. The image can be used for years on numerous systems. But there will probably be rules against reselling the picture.

What is Alamy's return policy?

If a buyer requests a refund within 30 days after the initial payment, they will receive a full refund. If a customer discovers a defect in a photo they have purchased, they will receive a full refund. For a refund to be considered, you must notify them of the damaged photos within 30 days of delivery. In some unusual cases, they might choose to fix the broken image instead of giving a refund.

Where can I enter my Alamy coupon?

Find the deal that interests you below, and copy the information by clicking the link. Then, go to checkout on and enter your password where it says "Promo Code." Your refund will be deducted from your order total. You can ensure proper voucher activation by following the instructions on this page.

Does Alamy Have a License Agreement?

There are two kinds of licences used by Alamy. One is a rights-managed licence, and the other is a royalty-free licence. Photographers who contribute their work also decide how their photos will be used. Paying a flat fee for royalty-free licence grants unrestricted customer usage of the licenced image. As a result, the picture is versatile enough to be used repeatedly, for years, across a wide variety of media. The image's resale, however, will probably be restricted.

Rights-managed licences are more stringent. To what extent, for how long, and under what conditions can a picture be used are all specified in the licence. Whether you're looking for images with RF or RM licencing, Alamy can help you find them.

What Is the Alamy Returns Policy?

If a customer notifies Alamy within 30 days of the date of the invoice, they will receive a full refund. Get in touch with their sales department at to request a refund. If a customer discovers a flaw in a purchased photograph, Alamy will issue a full refund. Within 30 days of delivery, you must contact Alamy about any flawed photographs to receive a refund. Rather than issuing a refund, Alamy may offer a replacement for a damaged photograph.

Refunds prohibit the buyer from using the photographs in any way. Customers may not request refunds for images used in any way by the purchaser. Images returned for a refund must be removed from the buyer's collection.

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