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Aqualogica Discount: Get Up To 15% OFF Sunscreen
Aqualogica Discount: Get Up To 15% OFF Sunscreen
Aqualogica Coupon: Grab Rs 350 Cashback On All Orders
Aqualogica Coupon: Grab Rs 350 Cashback On All Orders
Aqualogica Offer: Buy 2 at Rs 699
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ExpiredBuy 2 at Rs 699

Aqualogica Offer: Buy 2 at Rs 699
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Aqualogica Coupon Code Flat 15% OFF On Sitewide Offer June 2023
Aqualogica Offers Get Rs 350 Cashback On Shop For Rs 699 June 2023
Aqualogica Deals Avail Free Gift On On Orders Above Rs 699 June 2023
Aqualogica Discount Code Up To 25% OFF On Bundle Products June 2023
Aqualogica Promo Code Grab Up To 25% OFF On Sunscreens June 2023
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Aqualogica Discount Codes

Aqualogica is the key to restoring your skin's natural radiance from the inside out. The Indian cosmetics business has long been dominated by international luxury brands. However, individual needs for Indian skin differ. There are many different environmental and lifestyle factors in India that can weaken the skin's natural defences. Therefore, you should begin your skincare routine from scratch and give Aqualogica a try. Aqualogica's lightweight textures leave skin feeling clean, moisturised, and radiant without any residues of oiliness or stickiness.

Aqualogica: A Shining Fresh Start for Your Face

You may get your skin back to its optimal plumpness, moisture, and radiance with the help of Aqualogica's products. Aqualogica brand brings the science of aquaporins to the forefront with its exclusive water lock technology. Extensive clinical testing has shown that the brand's components successfully stimulate the growth of Aquaporin Water Channels and facilitate the movement of moisture throughout the skin's different layers. In addition to being 80% more moisturised, the skin will also feel amazing.

Key Ingredients for Hydration, Expertly Formulated

Aqualogica's in-house staff of dermatologists, scientists, and skin and beauty experts formulate all of its products with Indian skin's specific needs in mind. Aqua + Logica, the name of the brand, may imply that it is made entirely out of water. They should always include these substances in their products and on your skin. Their therapeutic efficacy has been weighed against other considerations, such as their dependability as a source, bioavailability, and compatibility with other components.

  • Coconut water, sourced from the greatest farms in Kerala, is a natural moisturiser and softener.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It makes you full and supple! Hyaluronic acid repairs the skin's moisture barrier by attracting water to it and holding it there.
  • Glycerin: Load up on the wet stuff! Because of its humectant properties, glycerin effectively treats dry skin.
  • The skin's new best friend is niacinamide. Niacinamide delays skin ageing, improves skin tone, and provides a healthy glow.
  • An Aloe Vera toast, please! Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it great for skin.

Product Selection by Aqualogica

Aqualogica - Facial Soap

The face cleanser with fruit extract by Aqualogica removes oil and dirt from the skin without drying it out. Watermelon, papaya extract, vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin are just some of the moisturising elements that go into making this cleanser so effective at calming and purifying the face. It minimises oil production, lightens dark spots and acne scars, and delays the ageing process. A thin, lightweight gel with a smooth texture and a mild foaming action. Skin is left feeling refreshed and looking healthy and glowing.

Face Scrub by Aqualogica

If you want to nourish your face, use Aqualogica's Face Scrub. This exfoliating face scrub is made with a robust combination of active ingredients, including vitamin C, coconut scrub, and papaya extracts, which together exfoliate, brighten, and remove tan, blackheads, and whiteheads from the skin. Beyond that... Hyaluronic acid and glycerin, two of the hydrating ingredients, will leave your skin feeling nourished and looking radiant after each application. As soon as you use Aqualogica Face Scrub, you'll notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels.

Aqualogica's Moisturiser and Cream

Intense hydration that lasts for a long time. A blend of Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, and Hyaluronic Acid, Aqualogica Gel Moisturiser is believed to boost moisture by 74%. It's non-sticky and featherlight, so your glowing skin will be the centre of attention without you having to sacrifice discretion. The formula's lightness makes it easy to apply, and it absorbs quickly into skin.

Face Serum by Aqualogica

The Aqualogica Face Serum contains hydrating and brightening Vitamin C and Papaya extracts to lessen the look of dark spots and discoloration. This miraculous serum is oil-free, feather-light, and readily absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a smooth, even tone.