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Sesa Care Coupon: Grab Flat 35% OFF On Your Orders using the latest verified coupon code, offers & discount codes on Sesa's Certified Ayurvedic Hair Care Products.
Sesa Care Discount: Get Flat 15% OFF On Your Orders using the latest verified coupon code, offers & discount code on Sesa's Certified Ayurvedic Hair Care Products Online.
Sesa Care Offers: Get Flat 10% OFF On First Order using the latest verified coupon code, offers, discount code & deals.
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List of Top Sesa Care Coupon Code, Offers, Promo Code, Discount Code & Deals for December 2022

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Sesa Care Coupon CodeFlat 35% OFF On Hair Fall Control KitDecember 2022
Sesa Care OffersFlat 15% OFF On Ayurvedic For Daily UseDecember 2022
Sesa Care DealsFree Offer On Online Ayurvedic ConsultationDecember 2022
Sesa Care Discount CodeGet 15% OFF On Hair Care JuiceDecember 2022
Sesa Care Promo CodeFlat 10% OFF On SignUp OfferDecember 2022
Sesa Care SaleUp to 35% Off on Sesa CareDecember 2022

About Sesa Care Coupon Code Today

Ayurvedic hair care products are made and exported by Sesa Care Private Limited, a leading Indian company. Customers worldwide may rely on us to supply genuine, inexpensive, and honest Ayurvedic hair care products based on ancient knowledge and cutting-edge production techniques.

Since it was one of the first anti-hair fall products, Sesa has a well-known brand name, an extensive distribution network, and a sizable market share in India. In addition, over 20 nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe buy our products.

Ban Labs Private Limited, a family-owned business, created Sesa in 1995 as ayurvedic hair oil. Over the past 25 years, Ban Labs has launched several goods under the Sesa brand umbrella, creating a strong brand presence across India.

Sesa enjoys excellent brand recognition, a good distribution network across India, and a significant market share as one of the anti-hair fall category's pioneers and market creators. Over 20 nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe import and export our goods regularly.

True North, a premier Private Equity firm specializing in transforming mid-sized successful companies into industry leaders, bought SESA in 2018 and reborn the SESA brand. True North has a combined corpus of USD 3 billion.

Sesa Care Pvt. Ltd. was established on October 1st, 2018, as a result of this transaction. Since our founding in 2011, we have changed our family-owned traditional business into a new-age, innovation-driven and professionally operated company with lofty goals. By 2020, we want to be the fastest-growing midsize FMCG company in India that is also the most profitable.

Sesa+ Ayurvedic Strong Roots oil

To provide a high-end experience, Bizongo created the Strong Roots Ayurvedic hair oil sub-brand identity and packaging. In addition, the product appealed to middle- and upper-middle-class buyers to attract a broader audience.

Through visuals, Ayurveda traditions and the health benefits of natural ingredients were to be promoted. In addition, the soft green and brown colour scheme elevate the brand's status within the industry. The rationale behind the colour scheme, according to Bizongo, is that green represents nature and brown represents the earth.

Blown-up print upgrades on the label underlined critical claims about the "Banyan tree extracts." To give it an ayurvedic appearance and feel, the images of the ingredients were laid out on a jute mat.

Strong Roots Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner

Strong Roots' parent company, Sesa, wanted to expand its product line. The shampoo, like the Sesa+ Strong Roots oil, is created from 26 natural herbs, just like the oil itself. Green and brown were chosen on the packaging because they emphasize the shampoo's natural ingredients. A few drops of water are thrown in for good measure to add freshness to the images. The gold foiling on the translucent label elevates the product's look and feel. Iconography and print finish underlined the product's unique selling proposition (USP) on the front of the pack.

Sesa Ayurvedic hair oil

The goal was to balance modern and traditional, clean and detailed, and appealing to mass and high-end markets in designing this product. To achieve this, we streamlined the packaging and included new iconography to represent product promises like "100% natural." In addition, print upgrades were investigated to highlight primary information and callouts while maintaining the label's identity and 'Sesa Lady'.

Sesa liquid hand rub

The entire look was created with the category, the intended audience, and the ease with which product qualities might be communicated in mind. For a project with a turnaround time of only 48 hours, the design needed to convey the product's intended purpose and outcome in the simplest possible way.

In keeping with the product's colour and the dominant colours in the sanitiser and sanitiser category, the colour scheme chosen was appropriate. The translucent aspect of the liquid guarantees that the message of cleanliness and purity is conveyed effectively. Bizongo added that the inclusion of green ensures that the brand Sesa is connected to the natural part of the business.